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    (Elemental) Professions to Maximize performance

    I currently have engineering and jewel crafting and have been thinking of dropping jcing, would it be better for me to roll with Tailoring for the cloak enchant or would Alchemy provide a better buff for Mixology ?

    I play Elemental.

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    Stat-wise, alchemy will provide the same benefit with JC, plus longer durations for flasks. Tailoring would be good for the start of the fights during ascendence assuming all your proccs will occur almost at the same time.But later on the fight, it'll be hard to stack all the procs with ascendance (trinket + weapon + tailoring + engineering etc.) at the same time. I presonally prefer passive stats from professions, cba to follow all those cds

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    why would you drop JC? the bonus is exactly the same as the other professions, namely 320 INT. and the hidden perk, namely really cheap gems, is pretty awesome, especially if you're not that rich. you can simply get some green gems, then cut them until you get a perfect proc.
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    the thing is I never bothered cutting my own gems cuz gems are REALLY cheap on my server (25g for a pure int gem) and the most costly things for me is making flasks and potions, I already have my 2nd shaman as a potion master so was thinking I can make my main shaman a flask master and save alot of gold with longer duration flask and getting potion procs on my other shaman.

    I guess the only real profession which could give me an edge is the tailoring enchant if I can react fast to it procing when I have my CDs up

    will probably give it some more thought thanks for the replies guys

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    I love alchemey. If you are a raider the 2 hour buff on flask is awesome as well as the mixology. I personally use Alchemy and Enchanting and will never change those two.

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    Yea I really like Alchemy too having longer flask duration is very nice indeed, I love engineering more though thats the one profession I will never drop its just so useful with all its perks

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    Tailoring is the best profession to have for any dps/healer in the game, due to its proc rate/stats being a bit higher on average than just the 320 static everyone else gets.

    And as Ele, you can have engineering (if used off CD, you'll have it up for every Ascendance) which will provide burst, or keep the JC if you want the static damage boost.

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    I personally use Alchemy and JC as my two professions, the extra +320 gems is nice. The 2 hour flask time is great (cata was 4 hours with a cauldron) especially for raiding. Engineering is good for some stuff but almost better suited for a non caster class with some of the damage bonus's.

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    Tailoring is by far the best (aside from engi), even with it being a random proc. Note that it is at minimum a 320 bonus if it aligns with 0 CDs or other procs. Every time it lines up with anything, its benefit multiplies.
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    I use Alchemy (currently transmute spec, thinking about switching to elixirs) and Leatherworking myself. If I ever do level up LW on an alt, I might trade LW for tailoring.

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    Yea I think I will be leveling Tailoring as the cloak enchant can be exteremly good if it lines up with my other procs.

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