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    How to get the most out of milling in mop?

    Hi I am just wondering about milling in MOP. Isnt there just one basic milling result and one green better result? So that means any herb should mill into one of the two?

    Is there and reason to herb anywhere besides jade forest? There is golden lotus and with milling you get both pigments. Do the other zones have higher amount of pigment when you do their herbs? I don't see the point in having different herbs in mop besides aesthetics
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    Fool's Cap has a much higher chance to give the green pigment, so thats the most efficient way of getting inks.
    It's basically the Whiptail of MoP.
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    oh ok thanks i see now =)
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    The milling breakdown with herbs is like this: Fool's Cap vs everything else. According to Wowhead, Fool's cap has a 100% chance to drop 2-4 shadow pigments and a 50% chance to drop 1-3 misty pigments with milling. Any other MoP millable herb has a reduced 2-3 shadow pigment 100% chance and 1-3 misty pigments but only at a 25% chance. Golden lotus is a rare spawn of any herb node. So Fool's cap isn't just better with the misty pigment mill rate but is also slightly better with the shadow pigments.

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    thx for this info! was useful for me!

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