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    The first time I did a set of shado-pan dailies...


    Perfectly encapsulates the feeling I had. Never used a companion again after that

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    taoshi is actually quite good with her 15% increased dmg taken on a target. id hit 200kor higher icelances on a frozen target with that debuff on them. the rest of the companions are quite shit.

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    Yeah i dismissed the companion the very first time i did them Got to exalted without using them ever again! i get them done way faster on my own haha.

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    well, there ARE some companions that are guilty of this (I'm looking at you, Protector Yi and Hawkmaster Herpaderp), but others are really nice (I like Taoshi and Fei Li)

    oh, and it's best to do some sets of dailies when there's more people doing them. Stops a certain protector from charging into a new groups <.<

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    Snow Blossom is awesome - nuff said.

    Amazing sig, done by mighty Lokann

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    What they lack in sense they make up for in ATTITUDE.

    Kinda like naruto ninjas, as opposed to actual ninjas. Heck, they even got signature moves. Red Smoooooke~
    If World of Warcraft has taught me anything, it's that teaching a crowd something is far harder than teaching individuals.

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    I never understand the hate... i play a rogue and i breeze through the shado pan dailies, i always use a companin for turning in quests and i think dailiea would much harder without them. i mean they even use time warp and the warrior dude uses Avatar alot. the one with a shield can pretty much tank lots of mobs. i like them a lot.

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    Used companion only once too. They run around like headless chicken, keeping you in combat 100%. Thought they would be support for my tankadin, but they only make it worse by constantly aggroing all those mobs with quadrillions of health.

    I guess it was gesture to EQ mercenary system, but I could never understand neither in D3, nor in WoW, why there is no even basic "Aggressive/Defend/Passive" stances? If EQ1 would have such dumb mercenaries, you'd be constantly dead with ever-increasing Exp debt.

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    Hehehe I haven't actually seen that comic before, that's awesome.

    I was complaining just yesterday about how the very second combat ends they hop back on their huge kite and block any space I had to loot mobs or click anything within the world, instead ending up clicking on them to talk when I don't want to, and my guildmate chimed in talking about how they (especially the tank npc) just keep randomly pulling mobs.

    That drives me nuts too. :P

    I reallllllly like the mage npcs though, they're fun.

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