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    Best farming location for Bjam's Door-Breaker

    So I am looking for a good farming location for http://www.wowhead.com/item=87423#comments . Do you guys have an area you like to use? One that you know of? Would be great to get some tips
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    Look the drop rates..
    It's not farmable, as (with a few exceptions) it have only been dropped once by each mob..

    It's one of those "Woah, I got lucky with the drop"-items...

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    I'm sure he is talking about which level 85 mobs are the most efficient ones to grind in terms of re spawns and population fuxie, thus making it easier to grind.

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    Go kill the turtles in VOT4W. I got like 9 blue lvl 80-84 boes there farming for motes.

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    My tip would be to not bother farming for this. It's a rare world drop and can drop from anything that drops loot, at an abysmal droprate (Wowhead has only 60 recorded drops).

    If you insist on farming for it, do it on a skinner or tailor. That way you'll at least get a slight bonus other than normal drops. A tailor would be the better choice because beasts tend to be spread out a bit more. On a tailor you could try killing the Hozen at the wrecked ship (southeast of Pawdon Village) or any other Hozen village. I'm not sure if all of them are attackable by Horde.

    But I still recommend to not bother farming for it and just checking the AH regularly and buying it there.

    Above post also has a good point, especially if you bring a skinner. The turtles drop both scales and regular leather when skinned and the meat can be used for extra Ironpaw Tokens. You might have to compete with other people though because it's a popular farming spot.
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    Well, anywhere in Jade Forest would be fine I think, though the droprate is terrible, you may want to reconsider actively farming for it....

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    i'd farm the AH for it if i were you ;op

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