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    What Ranged Weapon Do You Prefer? [POLL]

    What ranged weapon do you prefer as a hunter? If you have a favorite type of weapon... Then please tell us why.
    I prefer the normal bow myself... Mainly because I don't really enjoy the sound of either the crossbow or the gun. Even though I don't prefer guns over bows, I think there are a bunch of good lookin' guns out there with great potential that I would enjoy to use if they just changed or updated the sound of it a little, or made a couple of different gun sounds so you didn't have to hear the same noicy sound for all the guns.

    Vote and comment.

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    When I play my hunter I have to be using a bow. For one, a Troll using a bow is just proper. Secondly I feel they are just more fitting for the class.

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    I prefer bows just for the animation of the shots. I don't really care about sounds because i usually have either my headphones in or music playing over wow

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    I prefer bows, they just feel more like a hunter, i also dislike 99% of skins for crossbows and they just look awkward to use. Guns i <3 the skins but the sound drives me insane

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    When I use my hunter it has to be with a bow. I just cannot stand using anything else.

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    I assume we're talking Transmogrification here, right? (:
    I usually transmog into a bow since my female orc hunter looks cooler with that, than with a gun or crossbow. I've always felt a hunter in role play should use a bow, perhaps a crossbow in rare cases. Anyway, that is how I feel.

    The one exception would be to have the gun from Karazhan, "Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle" I think is the name. I'd trade any bow, even my current and most beloved "Golden Bow of Quel'Thalas", to that beauty.
    Sadly, after almost a year of farming, it has never dropped.

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    Has to be bows.
    Crossbows are ugly and just looks wrong to me.
    Quite a few guns with decent looks but the sound and firing animation I find horrible.
    Fury of the raging dragon for example is a gun id really like to use, but it is just too noisy.

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    Wow I didn't think so many people loved bows lol

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    I cant remember ever using a crossbow. 90% of times il choose a bow because i love the orc animation and the skins are pretty cool, though theres some skins for guns that il use every now and then. The over the top models from vanilla/tbc are cool. But yeh the noise is pretty annoying sometimes.

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    Seriously, I wish Blizz would let us lob harpoons again...

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    I used to love guns specifically because I played a dwarf hunter (like in the vanilla WoW cinematic). Over the years I kinda lost my inspiration from that and have come to love the look of bows.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sengura
    So 10 posts and no definitive answer...

    Quote Originally Posted by PBitt View Post
    People really will find anything to complain about. Too bad I don't care because I quit the game because they made the hunter class color lime green and I think it would be SO much better had it been a grass-colored green.

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    Bows....always bows. It is the most fitting weapon for a hunter.

    Although due to transmogging I do throw a crossbow into the gear rotation whenever I feel like seeing/doing something different.

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    It depends on the race. On the other hand, I'll second the comment about thrown weapons. I'd like to see them as an option, particularly since there isn't a ranged weapon slot now and it seems there isn't a strong reason to keep the old distinction.

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    I voted bow with the 2 main reasons being that bow's have such nice and cool models/graphics whereas i dont really like the designs of either guns/xbows. The second reason is because a bow looks more authentic on hunters then guns/xbows.

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    Bows > Guns > Xbow for me. But my favorite are bows by far, I just wish they'd come up with some better models....all the good ones IMO were from TBC. Using Black Bow but been trying to get the bow from Sunwell for a while now with no luck yet, that's such a badass looking bow. A few gun models are pretty awesome looking but nothing I'd use over those two bows. I can't think of a single xbow that doesn't look boring as hell. Artwork aside they have the best animations as well, and no *bang bang* noise to go along with it.

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    I dunno, I like guns. Especially because the sound pisses off so many people.

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    Bows for silence, animation and texture/model.
    Xbox is pretty ok on worgen animation but their textures aren't interesting.
    And guns the sound is annoying and they're always ugly.

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    Guns got the best looks ingame, but i prefer bows overall

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    Fricken Bow using heathens.... Guns 4 life! Amazing video of 60+ devilsaurs raiding Undercity!

    My God, what a horrible creation. People seeing what they want? Thank God they tried to shy away from that. I know it pisses me off when I'm in an heroic raid, yet in the back of my head all I can think is 'some casual player is playing a heroic dungeon and not wiping.' -Vodkarn

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    Bow, because they look amazing, but just as importantly, NOT guns because they are annoying as hell.

    Having said that, if Blizzard came up with a gun which had a silencer on it and delivered a muted thump noise (like you get when you use explosive shot within 3 or 4 yards of yourself), that would be great, because there are some beautiful guns out there too (Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle comes to mind, although I don't like the name...).

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