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    Unhappy Worries for the future....

    Hi all,

    To begin with I want to say the thread is about Retributions Paladins.

    I just wanted to post some worries that tormented the last days.I read things around like "we dont know how to fix Word of Glory bug","Ret paladins have good def mech","pvp power will only increase ur dmg or healing".

    Im not saying I agree or disagree its just that im afraid of the future when everyone will have 30% more haste+crit+mastery etc,i want us strong and powerfull not everyone's bitch but also i want everyone balanced not some pvp gods or something.
    Ill ask straightly, do u think we will be a funny class to pvp in the future or the bottom one?We will be treated as free kill or we will still have a fight chance. I know som1 has to be the last in the list but honestly we experienced situations that either we were OP or free kill.It kills me to see blizzard saying things like that, i mean come on they cant fix a bug? they cant just give a % increase in healing and still nerf pvp power?
    Finally I dont want to but i think ill be forced to a reroll.Pitty...

    P.S I may sound nostalgic or "feared" about the nerfs but honestly if u kill me and /laugh at me look out from the window for the Nuclear Mushroom. thats what i dont want to experience.

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    I wish that they'd remove Inquisition from the game.

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    When creating a new thread, please remember to search for threads on your topic already. The PvP Power healing change is already being discussed here.


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