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    Garalon Pheromones

    One thing I could't figure out:

    What if you let your pheromone-kiter die and just tank Garalon? What if there is no living kiter anymore?

    In our tries, the kiter kept the pheromones even after dying and one of the tanks got aggro instead. To get the pheromones again, somebody had to "pick up" the pheromones from the dead kiter.

    It looked like he didn't reapply the pheromones to a new player or get any new abilities.

    Any suggestions?
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    The stacks on the dead guy (if he does keep it like you say) would get too much

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    The Pheromones keep stacking, you'd end up dying to the raidwide AoE "pulse"

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    Pungency still stacks on the dead person with Pheromones, which is a problem.

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    Of course, that's it!

    Thanks a lot guys!

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