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    Heroic will of the emperor

    Since i see threads deticated to rogues and a lot of other bosses, as well as im at work and bored, does anyone have any best practices here?

    Doing 10 man and our first attempts at it were last night.
    Warrior tank
    DK tank
    Pally healer
    shaman healer
    priest (shadow/disc)
    druid (balance/resto)
    Monk (dps/tank)

    Of course, the guild has deamed me the person to jump on the grenade . We have a few that can pop a CD and survive it but i can do it every time (CoSing when things go bad) however doing so, i find myself doing pathetic dps. they tell me it is okay, my job is important, but we usually end up falling behind on adds. How are most rogues doing it? preferably those who soak the sparks in 10 man, but anything helps

    I have the logs, but i dont think that would come into play too much here. I found combat to be better than mut (sub might be better). I tried the shadow step thing but often found their exploding unpredictable, sometimes its instant, sometimes they wait a few seconds, on top of that guildies being in range isnt the most predictable. vuhdoo should help there.

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    I played Mut for this and got the top rogue DPS parse at the time of our kill. It's probably not the top anymore though. I was also ~10k DPS ahead of all our ranged DPS and only ~10k below our tanks.

    When eating Sparks, you need to wait several seconds for them to come down enough to blow up. You cannot pop your stuff early or you'll run out of time and die. Just wait 3-5s and it's fine.

    We used immunities to eat both Rage Sparks at once. We had a Hunter, which makes it way easy (1m Deterrence+Readiness) because he can eat every other Rage set. Our Shadow Priest (Dispersion) and Mistweaver (... whatever they use) ate the ones between Deterrences. I ate the very first set with CoS.

    That leaves Strength and Courage Sparks. I was tanking Strengths, so I ate all their Sparks with Feint (and an absorb, when able). Occasionally I could grab two that were near me with CoS; however, I just called this during the fight: not planned. Our Shaman and Lock ate the Courage Sparks with damage reduction cooldowns.

    If you do not have enough immunities to eat every set of Rage Sparks, you can CC a set when they come out and wait for another set. After that, kill all 4 and eat all 4 at once with an immunity.

    Also, guildies being in range is not unpredictable. If someone is in range when they should not be, it's their fault. They need to pay attention and GTFO.

    Here's a quick breakdown:
    • Rage Sparks: Rogue eats first set; then people rotate immunities, eating both Sparks at once.
    • Strength Sparks: Rogue eats every one with Feint; additionally tanks the Strengths
    • Courage Sparks: Rotate big damage reduction cooldowns

    Hopefully I explained that clearly enough.
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    Nice on the DPS! Our monk was higher than the rdps (even with them DoT cleaving). I beat the tanks and thats it :-/.

    Our raid started out doing their immunities/survivals but ended up just deciding it was easier to have me do it every time. It sounds so much more organized the way you put it. You found mutilate to be better though? i figured it would take a bit hit as it has more magical damage (not, to my knowledge, benifiting from the gas).

    Thanks squirl! If the rdps could take care of the rage sparks after the first set i'd have plenty of time to DPS

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    I think the gas increases melee attacks, not physical attacks. All specs should benefit the same. Also, your tanks should be top damage on this fight...

    If soaking them all with Feint works, that's awesome. It's going to take a retarded amount of healing doing it that way, though. And your DPS will suffer.

    Good luck! This is my favorite heroic for this tier so far.

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    good to know melee not physical! Ill give mut another go on it. its my higher dps spec anyway, cant get beyond a LFR fist while i have 2 HM daggers

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    Imo Combat largely outweights sub if you are on the soaking stuff. Keep your killing spree for a tight rages pop, and ar+sb for the courage. Otherwise, dps the strength. Your dps isn't anyway the thing on focus on here, it's the doters stuff. And the monk should be assigned to the strength so you can focus on soaking and killing adds.

    Vids of our fk on sig, and my latest log if it can help (last week): http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...=11127&e=11811

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