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    Picking a main character.

    I have a problem. I've been away for a while and have just come back to wow a few weeks ago. I keep making new characters to duo level with my roommate, and so far we have two monks in outlands (mine is Vanguard of moon guard) and have a few random leveling toons.

    My question is this; what currently are the most viable tanks/dps for endgame content. This is both pve and pvp.

    Tanks: this is mostly between warrior and paladin for my taste. I have both semi leveled but the warrior feels like he can't use abilities fast enough.

    For dps I have rogue, death knight and monk in mind. The Mink is fine but I feel surpassed when dungeoning. Other classes just seem to have better tools to do their jobs. I Love my death knight, so this is mostly between the rogue and monk, but if the monk gets Better at endgame I do enjoy the theme more than rogue death knight.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Don't go for most 'viable' go for the one you enjoy the most.

    I know warrior tanks are always good though, the damage they bring with their tanking is very sought after on fights that have a tight enrage timer, along with their nice CD's.

    as for dps, I'm not sure how they're all doing in terms of min / max but I've seen quite a few around and they all seem to be in a good place. We've got a monk in our raid group and he's doing very nicely in my opinion.
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