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  • Yes for like 3 days now

    41 14.86%
  • No but i will be soon (1 more week)

    45 16.30%
  • Nah i am too lazy

    86 31.16%
  • I hate dailys i will never do them QQ

    31 11.23%
  • Yeah i am done

    73 26.45%
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    The poll is lacking in its options.

    Getting there, half-wayish through revered with the last two of them (ignoring the Black Prince).

    EDIT: Looks like I forgot about the Lorewalkers, oops. Not really done anything with those yet.
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    I switched mains right around the time my old main hit revered with lotus.

    Haven't even started doing dailies on the new main because *shudder*

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    "yes for like 3 days now" ? really? was finished october 25th.

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    Ha! Yeah, no way. I have Tillers and Loremasters at exalted, if the latter even counts. Golden Lotus and Klaxxi are revered, Shado-pan is honoured, rest of the stuff I haven't really touched.

    Eventually I will grind them all up, likely a few at a time, but right now I have no desire or need to subject myself to a zillion dailies every day.
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    Done em all now, and if being honest wish I had paced more! Still nice to look and the shiny page of exalted's tho
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    Got the Pandaren Ambassador achieve and my kite string the 5th of november (so like 14 days ago).... But i was one of the people tusing to 90. As in hit 90 the second day and started dailys right away hehe.

    But the last rep i got to exalted was anglers, just cba to fly down there every day for 3 simple quests.... Could have had it a few days earlier i gues

    Sorry if this got a bit too "braggy", but i have to tell you i was kinda happy i don't "have" to do dailys anymore (except for some on my DK for charms now, bleh). Altho i didn't really mind doing them tbh.

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    i have 2 exalted, with the work and all, i cant afford 3-4h of grind per day but i do some when i feel to

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    I am revered with everyone, except tillers, cloud serpent and lorewalkers who I am exalted with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freia View Post
    I am revered with everyone, except tillers who I am exalted with.
    one of my favorite to level (and one of the most lucrative ! ive made about 30k only with carrots o.O...)

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    Been exalted with them all for 6 days feels good!

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    did it on the sixth of november, except nat, but im not rly interested in it, because i dont even want his rewards

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    I got burned out after getting revered with Golden lotus so went slow getting shado pan to revered also, really couldnt be bothered going further so just got everybody to revered for when the commendations hit
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    i got em all to revered and stopped. why bother when 5.1 will make it twice as fast? ill just start doing the dailies again once 5.1 hits

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    Chipping away at them.
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    How is it even possible to farm rep with Nat Pagle? Only by turning in the fish you rarely catch while fishing? That takes forever

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    all exalted exept rep with npcs for more then a 2 weeks
    when 5.1 hits i will start doing daily on alts damn rep valor items or maybe not at all not decided yet

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    Where's the option "No. Because I don't feel dailies are mandatory."?

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    Maxed everything except Nat and Prince of course like a week ago.

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    I'm not and i doubt i ever will be
    This is absolutely the attitude and language that, in this community, needs to go sit in the corner for a while. If you can't stand the thought of there being multiple difficulty tiers of content -- into which we pour a lot of our development efforts -- to make raiding feasible for more than 2% of players, hit Heroic mode, turn on vent, and repeatedly remind your friends how good you are. I have no doubt they care

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    I mean... I'm done in the sense that I did everything I needed for actual rewards weeks ago, and didn't bother grinding past Revered for cosmetic rewards because I wasn't enjoying doing dailies everyday. I might get back at it whenever I feel like it after the 5.1 reputation changes.

    I am revered with Tillers, though, and have all the farmers at Best Friend, that was fun.

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