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    All done on my main (except the standard Nat Pagle, Black Prince, and the Pandaren starter rep that you can never get completed). Have Cloudserpent's at exalted on two other 90's and working on a third one now - thankfully most people have stopped farming eggs now so I typically find 8-12 in a couple circuits around the island. Blizz needs to fix it so once you have all the serpent's from the faction any of your characters can ride them - grinding that rep on every character to exalted gets a bit tedious. Not to mention having to hatch an egg into a serpent that you just have to delete afterwards.
    Originally Posted by Zarhym
    Someone needs to take away your keyboard until you're better able to read the explicit meaning in sentences without implying whatever you want in order to be contrary.
    Quote Originally Posted by Archimtiros View Post
    It's like swatting flies with a shotgun.

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    all best friend at farm
    expert cooking student
    3fish to exalted with Nat Pagle

    atm i feel like i have nothing to do...

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    i got pandaren ambassador like 2 weeks ago! scritch farming ftw.

    i whould ahve gone for the 70 exalted acheiv.. but getting u p rep with the faction that transformed to their opposite in the faction switch kidna sucks..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Descense View Post
    I did lose 2-3 days on a 1000 rep a day (instead of white tiger wich gains 1500)+ i started a few days later due too delay with my game (a shop where i odered had a problem delivering it). I also did try too get a hozen pipe but it was spawn camped 24/7. But of well.....

    ....i also forgot to say that some dude on my server did hit exelated with nat by using a fishing bot (damn cheater). He once said too me that for 1 fish he needed 12h of non-stop fishing.
    I've hit exalted with Nat. I've never needed 12 hours for a single fish, though.

    It's possible... but it seems unlikely. Serves the cheater right, anyway!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xindykawai View Post
    one of my favorite to level (and one of the most lucrative ! ive made about 30k only with carrots o.O...)
    Yea carrots were a good crop to sell.

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    too lazy. I'm revered with all but anglers, but exalted has to wait till 5.1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by otro View Post
    Do you have any numbers to tell us, like did you track your casts with fishing buddy or something?

    I mean, I know RNG will play a huge roll but I'm still curious to knoe how many casts ppl are needing to complete this brutal grind....unles ur a botter then no love for u :P
    I started Nat like a week late because I didn't feel like doing the grind right away, Nothing to track my casts no bots either normaly just read the forums on my 2nd moniter while I fished.

    As for the fish, total rng, some days I'd get all 3 within 20 casts at the spots, others it was 200+ so nothing I can really say but keep fishing.
    Best part about the grind thought is I have tons of cooking tokens and the mats for my 300 food.

    As for where I fished,

    Spinefish Alpha I did @ Inkgill Mere on the island
    Flying Tiger Gourami North of Crane wing refuge in a little pond
    Mimic Octpus I did at the Anglers Dock
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    Quote Originally Posted by paraalso View Post
    I have everything at revered. I'm waiting for 5.1, so I can get them to exalted with half the dailies you require now.
    I'm lazy too so waiting for 5.1

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    I quit dailies like a month ago already. CBA, most retarded sh*t ever. I don't care if I cannot progress with the storyline etcetc, I'm only doing dailies for the Gold Coins.

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