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    Just want ppl to hang out with in vent?


    Grab some Earth and join us at Fireside! Besides sitting around the fire and shooting the breeze we enjoy navigating dailies, queuing LFRs, and running dungeons.

    Our ideal member is someone looking for some friends to hang out with while playing World of Warcraft. Someone who is smart, modest, able to learn, and has a sense of humor. Our ideal member would also be active at the same times as we are (5:00pm-10:00pm Pacific time), over 18, and someone who would like to be in vent with people on almost a daily basis.

    • Server: Kilrogg (Alliance)
    • Timezone: US Pacific
    • Age: 18 and up!
    • Activity Time: Between 5:00pm and 10:00pm Pacific time.
    • Activity Type: Lots of activity in Vent; it is the heart of our guild! Casual social atmosphere with LFR raiding. Guild growth may evolve this into 10m raiding.
    • Guild Leaders: ├čehradin, Kahon, & Nimii

    Note from leaders: Really it is the three of us who are online every single night. We are online the same times each night and are almost always up to something. We would really love to have people join who would like to do the same!

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