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    Bench Squad 10 15/16 reg LFM dps/heals

    Greetings all,

    First off let me give a description of our community. Bench Squad is a small hardcore community of experienced gamers that have been together in one form or another since World of Warcrafts release years ago. Our outlook on raiding is simple, sit down in front of your computer 2 days a week, 4-5 hours a night and dedicate that time to playing at your best. Performing at your peak results in fast efficient progression and an enjoyable experience for you and your fellow raiders.


    Horde, Turalyon, US EST

    The Raid Schedule

    Friday : 7pm/11pm , server time
    Saturday : 7pm/11pm , server time

    The loot

    Bench Squad is a 10 man guild, we are a group of friends that want to progress and experience everything that warcraft has to offer. Loot will distributed using Suicide Kings so that it is random and evenly distributed. On that note we do use a demerit system that punishes tardiness or blatant mistakes while raiding, these demerits lead to a lower standing in the suicide kings loot distribution table. We do this to promote performance from our raiders.

    Positions available

    Note : At this time we are only seeking substitute raiders, raiders that are willing to come in when another player has real life to attend to or does not need anything from the raid or raids selected for the scheduled raid night. This position is perfect for college students or semi-hardcore players that want to raid but cannot commit to 100% attendance. You will still be a valuable member of the team regardless of status as permanent or substitute. The sub position will not bar you from receiving loot and we will make sure you feel like part of the community by letting you raid as often as possible.

    Priest (Disc)
    Melee dps

    Raider Requirements

    Previous Experience - It is a new expansion and with a new expansion comes a fresh chance to progress and experience the game at a new level. As part of your application we expect you to show us any previous raid experience but it is not required that you have cleared for example original Naxx. A new player can be a great player without having completed outdated content.

    Max level professions - we require our raiders to have two max level professions, the professions are your choice but it does help to have at least one profession with pve perks.

    Competitive game play - Wafflehouse is looking for players that will to push their game play to the limits, be it damage or healing.

    Communications skills - progression is demanding, we expect raiders to communicate issues holding us back from progression be it ideas or some constructive criticism. This does not mean trash talking a fellow raider for learning from a mistake but addressing the issue on site to correct it and proceed forward.

    Community - Bench Squad is a group of friends, be friendly, be part of the guild and last but not least be a team player.

    What we provide for Raiders


    With that being said if you have a means to help supply the materials for the perks above it is expected that you contribute to the stock.

    What we expect of raiders

    Utilize the many tools provided for progression raiders be it forums, mods or sims. Do your best to perform.

    Double potting every pull be it progression or farm content, we are not one to waste time we like to clear content in one night if possible to leave us more time to enjoy other things in or outside of the game.

    Min/Maxing your character, making sure you are properly gemmed/enchanted/forged at all times. If players receive loot that requires reforge/gem/enchants during a raid night we ask them to hearth to do so. The guild puts in effort to keep the bank stocked with enchant/gem mats to help our raiders out so do not be afraid to ask if you need the items required.

    Please note, as stated before this is a hardcore group and our raid schedule is two nights a week if you plan to join, please submit an application at the website below that shows that you are truly interested and serious about joining.


    In-game contacts

    Azados / Burgerdos = Guild Master (raid leader)
    Invalice = Recruiter
    Samarkiel = Recruiter
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    Updade : We are still looking for high quality dps/heal substitute raiders who are interested in progression raiding but cannot commit to 100% attendance.

    If you are interested submit an app at wafflehouse.shivtr.com

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    Updated now 10/16 with tier loot on the table we are pushing hard to clear HoF and finish content.

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    Update 15/16 reg, starting heroics next week. Raid group is still looking for full time sub raiders go to bench-squad.shivtr.com for more info.

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