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    [H] Amateur Pwnography 10man heroic - Twisting Nether recruiting

    Amateur Pwnography is looking for a small number of skilled players to join our raiding team.

    We are a close group of around 5 or so talented players and are looking for like minded individuals to join us.

    We do not class ourselves as hardcore raiders(I've been told to say this by the person actually in charge of recruiting), but we have high standards and are aiming to progress rapidly.

    In Cataclysm we cleared 7/8h Dragon Soul with the 15% debuff, and decided to go back and get Madness with 30% because of attendance issues. Everybody in the guild had at least some heroic raiding experience before that.

    We like to see players who know their classes well and who are properly gemmed and enchanted for raids.

    We raid only one or twice per week, in the evenings, at weekends. Either Friday, Saturday or Sunday(and occasionally Wednesday). The days vary due to work commitments. This may not sound a lot, but with the raiders we currently have, we don't need to raid 3/4 times per week to be successful.

    The raids are led by Upshot, who some of you may know from OpenRaid.

    Any questions? Contact me via PM, replying to the thread or in game. You can also contact Trusmoov in-game or on OpenRaid

    List of specific specs we need:
    Holy paladin
    Elemental Shaman/DK DPS/Warrior DPS

    Specs we would consider:
    Druid DPS, Enhancement Shaman, Retribution Paladin
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