CR is looking for more experienced and dedicated players to strengthen our raid group for Dragonsoul farm and the incoming Mists of Pandaria expansion.

Mainly looking for (But ALWAYS apply if you believe your an improvement to our guild, even when your not in this list):
- Properly geared DPS and healers from any class
- Possibly a tank

CR was formed back on the server Burning Steppes at the start of WoTLK to create a serious raiding platform on Burning Steppes. After recruiting problems we transfered to Darksorrow and started improving our playerbase from then on. In the past years we have welcomed many great new players in our guild. With cataclysm released and 10man pressure increasing we remained a steady 25man platform for the whole expansion. We were able to steadily progress hardmodes during the whole expansion with an awesome Madness Heroic kill at the end! In MoP we've been having steady progress so far but we feel we can improve positions in our raid team and are therefor looking for experienced and dedicated players that are ready to jump into all the new raiding content MoP brought us.

Also important to note is that CR is a pure 25 man raiding guild, and always will be. In our opinion 25 man gameplay offers far more dept and entertainment, both in the gameplay as in the social aspects of the game. We are a very mixed guild with many nationalities and personalities, this adds a very nice extra dimension to the game that we love allot!

Current progress:

2/6 Heroic Moshugan Vaults
5/6 Heart of Fear

We are a 25 man guild that raids 4 days a week. Monday-Thursday from 19.45 till 24.00 server time. Apart from this there are usually 10 mans or 25 man altruns going on during Friday and Saturday. You are expected to be available at least 3 of these 4 evenings.

What we expect from you:
- Activity: The minimum activity required to stay in our guild is 75% (3 out of 4 raids a week). Higher activity however is greatly prefered, especially during your trial.

- Proper knowledge of your class, raiding, and the different bosses in general. We expect you to know what to do, and how to use your skills and abilities to assist us in progressing on and killing bosses.

- Stable and proper performance. We expect from you to be able to maintain a proper level of performance in our raids. This means that you should be able to focus for 4 hours and that you should be able to keep your performance stable during these 4 hours. We don't want to waste our time learning you how to move from fires.

- Attitude, we expect you to have a positive attitude towards actual progress. This means trying to kill a boss thats actually hard, and that will not go down in 3 attempts. If you give up and stop trying after 3 wipes we arnt the guild your looking for. We also expect you to behave properly towards our guildmembers and any other player on this realm.

- Having a proper computer, internet connection and working Ventrillo. You simply cannot do 25 man hardmodes while having 3 fps, nor can you do them when you have 2k latency. We lead our raids using Ventrillo, so its mandatory you can at least listen to Ventrillo.

If you believe you suit the above we are looking forward to hear from you. You can check our website at and leave an apply there. Also feel free to whisper me, or any of our officers ingame if you have any questions regarding our guild. Once again, this time is the perfect time to jump in and earn yourself a spot in a serious raiding guild for Cataclysm and the incoming expansion Mists of Pandaria. Also check our youtube channel or the streams on our website for some raiding action!