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    Gaunt's Ghosts

    Time for another round of Warhammer 40k loving everyone!

    I just finished reading Only in Death by Dan Abnett, the 11th book in the gloriously awesome Gaunt's Ghosts series, and I can't feel anything but amazement at this incredible work.

    I know this is a forum dedicated primarily to Blizzard's works, but one can't simply forget the one universe that's been a (clear) inspiration for their work.

    So, anyways, what are your thoughts on the series? I believe Games Workshop and Relic are really missing the big picture when making new Warhammer 40k games. Don't get me wrong, I love their RTS's and the Space Marine hack'o, slash'o shooter, but there is so much more to be accomplished if they would just syphon that raw awesomeness found in literary works such as these series. A squad based shooter (even TPS) featuring the "Ghosts" and a story-line set in that universe would be freaking, amazing! So, whatcha think?
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    wall of text, unformatted, didnt read it, just looking at it hurt too much.
    If you want to do us a favor and want people to actually read it, please consider reformating it into a readable style.

    If that book was printed the way your thread is, you probably wouldnt have read it.

    hmmm noticed i sound a bit harsh. thats not the intention, just a hint that you wont get too much response how it is now.

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    The Imperial guard would actually make for a poor video game character. People play games to feel powerful or heroic, the IG are just there to be slaughtered en masse. Take a look at the recent Space marine game, you genuinely feel like a god of war when playing as Captain Titus, it would really ruin the experience if you struggled to stay alive against a single Ork grunt like the average guardsman would.

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    Ah Gaunts Ghosts, the guardsmen with their camoeline cloaks (cba finding out the proper spelling). Not read a book of that series in years, the Tanith first and only are supposedly an elite unit recruting for warzones they've fought in. The veterans of the unit might make a decent game of some description. But in my opinion the 13th penal legion would make a better story. Nothing better than a repentent gurdsman unit doing the most dangerous jobs under the awesome Colonel Schaeffer.

    But i have to say...

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    There are two sides of every coin. In Gears of War for instance, you play a giant literally wearing half a car, yet you die from 3,4 hits.

    The same logic can be applied even in Space Marine (if your armor goes down you are pretty much screwed). Again, I ain't talking about your regular shooter. The Ghosts weren't your regular Imperial Army battalion. They had stealth as their main weapon.

    I would definitely want to explore that other, more brutal and realistic part of the future war (Space Marines and Chaos are all great but lets be honest, they are pretty much demigods when compared to your regular trooper). Gaunt's Ghosts just proves that even a life of a Guard can be very interesting in every aspect of war. So, why not use that as a starting point, since we can't really get another Space Marine game that utilizes all the potential traits of a proper Warhammer 40k Chapter (and it isn't a hack and slasher / shooter hybrid)?
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    I personally probably wouldn't be much of a fan. Actually digging into what constitutes the WH40K universe isn't really all that interesting to me; not really a fan of the grimdark. If they removed the grimdark, then it'd just be Generic Sci-fi Romp. It's fun as a romp-and-stomp light setting as it's portrayed in Space Marine, but I don't think it would survive the transition into something more serious.

    I dunno, I guess it could work, but maybe I'm too jaded with the setting to really appreciate that. I'd rather it be in a different IP, or in an IP of its own; there are plenty of options.

    For the sake of reference, what was Fire Warrior and how well did it do? IIRC it was an FPS and it didn't do too hot.

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