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    The Next Logical Dps Upgrade - Valor Points

    Heya there,
    My guild is currently working on Garalon and I have some valor points ready to use for before our next raid, trying to squeeze out a little more DPS to help; ( 11% and 8 % wipes)
    Any advice about which of these two to buy as my next valor upgrade would be appreciated; my napkin maths isnt helping and I haven't grasped simcraft ( yet..)
    the choice is
    Waterburst Helm ----------> Nightwatchers Helm ( 2200 Valor)
    Flashfrozen Resin Globule --------> Blossomm of Pure Snow ( 1750 Valor)

    ( http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...r/Weird/simple )

    Which is likely to be the more beneficial upgrade in the short term? ( Given I may have to reforge abit to get the hit back from trinket)

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    I would guess the helm, but I didn't sim you.

    I'd argue the biggest upgrade on the table for you would be one of the weapons out of the newest LFR. If you've got extra charms (and the patience for LFR) you can rerun those bosses (even tho you can't reloot them, you can use charms). I'd had no luck getting the weapon off Will, so I did this when it came out. Didn't take too long to get one to drop.

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    If it was me probably the trinket and mainly for the reason that, you probably have more chance of obtaining the Sixteen Fanged Crown from stone guard in Mv, rather than the trinket alternative from elegon which I imagine other casters in your group would also want if it even drops ofc.

    Thinking more of garalon and beyond, and not just 1 boss.
    Keeping everyone happy is impossible.

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    the trinket should be a dps loss over Flashfrozen Resin Globule, that popped with ascendance is amazing.

    the crit trinket is just absolutely terrible, you have to delay it at the start to not use with ascendance because lava burst always crits.

    and if you have a fight with multiple targets where you can multidot with flame shock, the trinket get worse again, every lava surge during that trinket is just lowering that trinkets uptime.

    TLDR: you should of bought the helm the trinket is horrible.

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