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    [A] Aeternus 10m Dragonblight recruiting! 4/6n down, casual guild.


    For our 10man raiding team we are currently looking for:

    1 possible mainspec tank : Paladin, Monk or Deathknight

    1 ranged DPS:
    Hunter, Shadow Priest, Balance Druid or Elemental Shaman

    IMPORTANT: The classes listed are ideal for us, if your current class or spec is not listed for the spot you are interested in do not hesitate to apply, you will not be excluded.

    Some Aeternus background: Aeternus dates all the way back to vanilla WoW being formed with nearly all Kindred members and has been server first for many raidkills for a very long time.
    Times change and due to various circumstances we have turned into a 10man raiding guild during Cataclysm and taken a more casual stance on raiding in Mists of Pandaria.

    We raid 2 nights a week, those being Wednesday and Thursday. Raids start at 20.00 and end at 23.00.

    Those interested in joining or if you would like to have more info, do not hesitate to contact us here or ingame wisper/mail to Faylane or Sandrian.
    You can also directly go to our website http://wow-aeternus.com/index.php and fill in an application there.
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    We still are in really big need of a melee DPS (preferably rogue, enhancement shaman or monk) a ranged DPS (preferably Elemental Shaman, Moonkin Druid or a Hunter) and a healer (preferably Restoration Shaman or Mistweaver Monk).

    If you are looking for a casual guild that takes IRL over raiding and you can't commit to more than two nights of raiding per week, this is the guild for you.

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    We have changed our recruitment needs.

    Still actively looking for 1 ranged (all but warlock/mage) and 1 melee (all but warrior) DPS and possibly a MS tank (Monk/DK/Pala)

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    aT the start on WoTLK you guys were #1 what happened ??

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    People left

    Still looking for one ranged DPS (all but Warlock/Mage) and possible a MS Tank with a good DPS OS.

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