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    If you can't post constructively as to why a game was a failure, then don't post at all.

    lol diablo 3
    ^ Example of a non-constructive post.

    Also (and I don't know if some of you have noticed yet), opinions vary. Just because someone's opinion differs from yours, that doesn't make it wrong (or right).

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    Final Fantasy XII
    I was a huge Final Fantasy fan, played nearly all of them (but not finishing most *ahem*). I loves the battle system from FF X, X-2 was okay, never touched XI because it was an MMO.
    Then FF XII was released. First, it was placed in Ivalice, which I get to know first from Final Fantasy Tactics, which is one of the greates Tactical RPGs ever released with such a great and dark storyline. Sadly, this one takes place in another Ivalice (like that godawful Final Fantasy Tactics Advance). But that's not the main problem. The real problem is the battle system. A mix of active battle as you can run around - but you still have to wait to do something? Also you can't evade the attacks - why can I even run around?
    I played for 2 hours and never touched the game again. The battle system is so damn awful, it's not fun in any way, shape or form.

    Probably the one and only game which I really regret buying.

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    SWTOR is the biggest failure for me. I can't believe how much I supported it before launch and how much I bashed the critics, only to discover they were right all along.
    ...and then...fucking ponies everywhere.

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    In this gen i would say

    1: Fable 3
    2: Dungeon siege 3
    3: Mafia 2

    my TOP 3 games would be

    1: DA Origins.. (combat is abit funky but the game is so awesome)
    2: Uncharted 2 ( got platinum on it and it was FUN getting it ! )
    3: TES:Skyrim ( with all the crashes and clitches....But i can forgive it)

    The games that didnt deliver for me, but are still great games are. ( I realy wanted thise games to be great !! )

    Uncharted 3, SWTOR, Mass Effect 3, POP, Portal 2, Dota 2, BF3, KoA: rec, Dead island, DA 2,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbazz View Post
    The facts are that Diablo 3 was the fastest selling PC game of all time, and a game that hosts a very healthy playerbase and has been extremely financially successful. Being overhyped or not living up to everyones (far too high in most cases) expectations does not qualify for calling one of the most successful games of the year as being a "top 3 biggest failure".

    Diablo 3 has been anything but a failure, even if your personal opinion of the game is low, it has been a massive massive success.

    I would be surprised if 10% of the people who bought D3 still logged in. Why cant you see past the sales numbers and see the actual game? It was horrible at release and didnt get better until months later. But by then it was too late. Almost everyone had quit playing it. Im willing to bet my house you played a DH and thats why you couldnt see the massive bugs that made the game unplayable for the other classes.

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    pfft as if you care..
    Quote Originally Posted by dense View Post
    Warhammer: age of Reckoning
    Clayfighter 63 1/3 - that game killed my christmas
    Fallout 3 - the game itself is good, but i got a cut version (german child protection bullshit laws, game rated 18+, still cut)
    dont bitch if its a cut version then you couldve gotten it from amazon or something instead

    my biggest game fails though not really hyped was two worlds army of two merc 2 battlestations midway and i forget what else i got were complete shit oh and all sequels and all prequels list could go on but thats enough for a supposed "top 3" easy awnser : 90% of games are complete shit
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    square-enix games cept for deus x

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenBos View Post
    Sorry OP: you simply trash talked without substance and the latest developments.

    I hate that people trash talk without facts and think their non informed opinion is world truth.

    Disgusting actually.
    I played at launch so how can you say Im not saying facts. I speak from my own experiences in game. Its disgusting that you cant let other people have opinions on the game. Obviously Im not a alone either as tons of people in this thread have also said D3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madruga View Post
    It is true. Diablo 3 sold like water. But I give the merit more to Diablo and Diablo 2, and Blizzard reputation, than to the game itself.

    I myself got the game without even thinking, and told every single friend of mine to rush and buy a copy. Well, I just say, thank god I didn't pay for the game (Annual Pass FTW)

    It indeed is one of the most profitable games ever. A HUGE success, financially, yes. Blizzard got money all over their arses with the game.

    But, is it still popular? Do a lot of people still play it, like they did soon after the launch? More importantly, can Blizzard fix the damage done to the Diablo franchise? I honestly don't know.

    I myself probably won't buy an expansion. Unless there is another Annual Pass coming hehehe.
    Well that's why I was so pissed by your previous post.... AND the OP above

    Those who DID play the 1.04 and certainly the very good 1.05 patch already know the answer: it is a good game NOW.

    To me it brought me something I didn't know it could happen: I gave WOW up for weeks now (since patch 1.05).

    I am not saying WOW is less, but it certainly gets played less by me and some friends.

    Why ? Diablo 1.05 brought a magnificant new mechanic in both leveling and end game (leveling in hardcore with MP 10 is pretty exciting, playing the end game with adaptable MP 1-10 is simply a perfect dilemma since it is directly related to your success rates in getting keys to craft the machinery...).

    You don't even know those craftable Legendary Rings are ... BIND ON ACCOUNT even... Go figure./

    While YOUR opinion was formed by playing D3 for 2 weeks at launch. So you have no clue - even it is your opinion - it is no longer based on the present day game experience.

    That's what I really really hate about forums: they are infested by "NON ACTIVE players" as in no longer playing the LATEST game mechanics.

    --- And you should have known better with Blizzard ---> as the success of Blizzard was ALWAYS about their further polishing of their new games by PATCHES.

    WOW at launch in its first 3 weeks was hardly playable because of the servers.

    After 12 months it was the most successful game in history (money wise).

    I am not saying D3 is a new WOW, but all am I saying: play the damned thing before repeating what noob kids copycat/cry from the internet (like the OP just did).

    And there are MASSES playing Diablo 3 because it doubled its Xfire sessions after patch 1.05. The IN game new groups forming are very stable at the moment, so with 20-30% playing you ARE talking about at LEAST 2-3 million players. Which btw is confirmed with Xfire samples : D3 has around 60% of Western WOW players on Xfire. So I guess that covers it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbazz View Post
    Yes yes yes, and its still the fastest selling PC game of all time and one of the most popular and played online games on the PC at the moment.

    So all in all a great success.
    So it was the fastest selling game who cares? Hardly anyone plays it anymore. A great game keeps people playing for months if not years. Diablo 3 was the same as SW:ToR. Lots of initial sales but once people saw all the bugs and how horrible the game was they quit. Look through this post and how many people picked Diablo 3. Go read the offical forums a few months back at how angry everyone was. There was like a 25 page post titled "What did you spend your RMAH earnings on" 90% of the answers were "I bought GW2" Does that sound like people who were happy with the game?

    The fact that Diablo 3 sold so many copies yet so few still play it is why its such an obvious flop. If it was a success why doesnt it have 8-9 million people still logging in like WoW does?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenBos View Post
    I am not saying D3 is a new WOW, but all am I saying: play the damned thing before repeating what noob kids copycat/cry from the internet (like the OP just did).
    I played the game at launch.
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    I am adding a 2 games that arent out yet:

    Top-- star wars duh
    Second-- Generals 2 (not out yet)
    Third-- Red alert 4 (made by activison-- OH GOD)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dense View Post
    Warhammer: age of Reckoning
    Clayfighter 63 1/3 - that game killed my christmas
    Fallout 3 - the game itself is good, but i got a cut version (german child protection bullshit laws, game rated 18+, still cut)
    Imo, WAR was a great game. Just Mythic fucked it up by not applying new patched e.t.c. If they were treating it like Blizz did with WoW, it would never fail so hard...

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    Personal view of course (not going by sales...)
    1) Duke nukem forever... I mean, I even expected crap, but this was such a sloppy piece of junk... DNF just shortens your life.
    2) D3... played it a lot until I realized I never had fun and never felt excited over the story... huge huge letdown considering the legacy of Diablo
    3) Starcraft 2... less replayability than police quest...
    4) Practically every game released the last 6 years have been a letdown, except minecraft... I blame a general decline in technlogy and innovation, I feel like we live in the dark ages of the interwebz!

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    i enjoy warhammer >.<

    also tiberium twilight...trying to expand the rts to a larger audience...was terrible

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    Quote Originally Posted by Migey View Post
    Who could possibly think Final Fantasy X was a disaster?
    Certainly not SE, FFX is the second most sold FF if I recall.

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    My failure games:

    -Diablo 3 (no rpg, the story is very predictible, no pvp, AH, and anothers points)
    -Lord of the rings: Conquest (i love lord of the rings but this game... the heroes and the units are the same -_-)
    -WoW Cataclysm (50/50, good content (concept arts, ideas) delete and dragon soul is so bad: bosses lore 0, 0 new models, etc)

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    In response about Diablo 3.

    Who cares?
    Hardly Anybody plays it anymore
    I bet you played a demon hunter.

    These kind of responses to Diablo 3 are nothing of any value. If you must know I beat Diablo 3 playing alongside a good friend of mine, we beat it before the nerf, I played a Barbarion and he played a Witch Doctor, we then beat it with Demon Hunter/Monk and Barbarion/Monk combinations. The only class I didnt play was the Wizard.

    A massive ammount of people still play Diablo 3, that is obviously nowhere near as many people as at launch, welcome to the world of gaming. This is a thread about the top 3 failures of games and you're arguing about one of the most succesful and popular online PC games currently being played, the fastest selling PC game of all time.

    You can't argue success by spouting nonsense just because you didn't like the game. This thread is just a bunch of people spouting bullshit about games they were let down by or got fed up with, it's ridiculous.
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    1. Might and Magic IX. 3DO was on the edge of bankrupcy after not so successful MM 8, and their release of alpha version of new MM didn't help them either.
    2. Diablo III. Heavy on DRM, RMAH-oriented single-player game with heavily unstable game systems. Mass exodus of people after 1st month.
    3. Alganon. Smells a lot like copy-pasted WoW engine with little to no content. MMO with few active players (few, as in: 5-10).
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    TOP 3 biggest game failures in my eyes were probably:

    1. Diablo 3 - due to it being a short, dumbed down and literally BORING version of Diablo 2. It spit in everything that made Diablo as a franchise great - the expansive exploration and treasure finding aspect; the sense of grit and terror that the previous games have been all about (the cartoon-ish art style proved that it just doesn't work in that particular universe). Oh, and of course, the AH for reasons we all know and hate.

    2. COD / Battlefield and their clones - I really enjoyed the first 2 Call of Duty games... even Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. They were fresh, interesting and imaginative take on war and had contributed to popularizing the FPS genre. However, everything changed once Activision decided to apply EA's logic to making a sequel on a yearly basis, hence MW1,2,3... infinity. It is the same bloody game with re-skinned models, weapons and locations. Forget graphics, the gameplay is the same! Nothing changes over a course of one, fucking, year! And people still buy it... that's sums up the whole thing in this particular part of the gaming world.

    3. NFS after Most Wanted (the original) - I don't really get all the hate between the Forza and Gran Turismo fans since I've played NFS all my life and I still love it. Though lately, EA ruined the franchise with bombastic failures like, well, everything after Most Wanted (the latest Most Wanted and that god awful The Run). Why can't they seem to grasp the simple concept of making a bigger, better Most Wanted where players can race, customize their rides and be chased by the police in a sprawling open-world city is beyond me. It worked 7 years ago, it will fucking work now if they did it. God, do they really need something so obvious to be laid before their eyes and then glued to their face. No wonder the franchise has been so diminished.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nitrax View Post
    4) Practically every game released the last 6 years have been a letdown, except minecraft... I blame a general decline in technlogy and innovation, I feel like we live in the dark ages of the interwebz!
    Yes and no. People expect so much from video games nowadays that the industry simply can't keep up. Gamers have been spoiled rotten and learned to have very high demands regardless that games that actually come close to meeting most of these demands are extremely rare.
    ...and then...fucking ponies everywhere.

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