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    I am going to have to say Test Drive Unlimited 2 was a failure. Wow was I sad when I got that. I was bummed too because I loved the heck out of Unlimited 1. Unlimited 2 was just so buggy and laggy at launch and it was so hard to play with my buddies for some reason. Losing all my money in the casino due to a glitch was also annoying and stupid.
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    Vanguard saga of heroes is the biggest failure in the history of video games, followed by warhammer and D3

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    You guys know that, "I play it still" isn't a good rebuttal to if a game is failing or not, right?

    How can the most expensive MMO made, EVER, which only lasted a year before going f2P (forced to pay) not be considered a huge failure? So, SWTOR.

    And then there's these....

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    Let me preface this by saying that I grew up loving Star Wars. For a long time, Empire was my favorite movie of all time (yes I'm old; watching them as a really young kid left a huge impression and set me on the path to nerdhood).

    Having said that, 1st, 2nd and 3rd all go SWTOR. From the horribly altered Hero Engine to copying way too many systems from an old-version of WoW to the sheer ego displayed by EA in the build-up to the dozens of other reasons, this game was a colossal flop. The bigger the setup, the harder they fall.

    I gave it an honest shot. I grinded VR 70+ on my Marauder before the first major patch. I raided the Ops. When EA failed to deliver the Nightmare version of an Op early on and then *at the last minute* pulled major changes to their PvP content, I started to sour on the game. A few weeks later I unsubbed.

    I really wanted the game to succeed but looking at the laughable list of F2P vs. restricted "features" that was recently released, I see that they are still clueless.

    I never thought I would be *thankful* that Disney be in charge of this storied franchise... but that's how mismanaged it has been in all aspects.
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    Sticking with what is this year from a MMO perspective..

    1) MWO - Mechwarrior Online. Ouch. Painful. While I love the game play it is so over the top Pay too win its silly.

    2) SWTOR - still beating the dead horse

    3) any recent comic book hero game
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    Personally I still play SWTOR (although waiting for my sub to run out because I just can't support them with this F2P model) and I still like it.
    But even though I like it, SWTOR does come first on my list of biggest game failures... as for 2 and 3, I'm really not sure. I've played some bad games but as far as I can remember, there aren't any other that I would say are failures and definetly not the biggest ones.

    (I'm assuming we're talking about games that we have actually played here)

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    Not in any order:
    Duke Nukem Forever
    Revelations 2012
    I can't think of a third game now.

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    1. The Virtual Boy. What a flop. Nintendo releases their first and only bad console. It's a 3D game console which gives you headaches and makes you look like a big faggot. There's no way to comfortably wear it, and all games on it except for Wario Land are either decent, mediocre or directly bad.

    2. Sega CD. Trying to bring real motion pictures into gaming is a baaaad idea, and it was simply some kind of mishaped alternate lifeform that had to stick on your Genesis to work. All it gave the world was a good Sonic game, arguably the best ever. The rest of the games were some of the worst games ever released.

    3. Phillips CD-I. This could have been easily ignored, but I bet most of you guys already know the deal with this one. Nintendo gave Phillips permission to use some of their characters in their games. What we got was 3 fucked up cocky Legend of Zelda games and a horrendous Mario game. Those 4 games alone make this the biggest gaming flop imo, simply because they fucked up two of the best gaming franchises ever so badly.

    I don't consider Diablo III or some of the other mentioned games to be failures. They were financially successful, especially Diablo III. Sure it sucks for us, but as long as the game makers earn the money they're supposed to it's a success for the company. The 3 consoles mentioned above were both unimaginably bad, and on top of that they were big financial fiascos, and have been erased from history all together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wariofan1 View Post
    have been erased from history all together.
    As long as youtube poop exists, they will be remembered.

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    Seeming as topics about personal game disliked and any genre I gotta say - Skyrim

    For a game that now has a massive cult following because of it I was left rather flabbergasted after I played it as to why it was so popular. The combat was awful and archaic, the story was nothing amazing and a few pc port issues such as the awful menu.

    Besides that I haven't really bought a game that I regretted. Prior to Skyrim I didn't have much money so I only bought games I knew I'd like, after Skyrim I decided I'd never pre-order a game again as there really isn't much to gain from playing it on day 1, especially when you can wait until after release for demos, reviews and the price will also go down naturally.
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    SWTOR,Conan and Warhammer Online i think its by far the biggest failures in MMO genre.

    I can't really say that Diablo3 is a failure due to the fact that is so much of a letdown for reasons other than the gameplay.
    So biggest letdown ever for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hraklea View Post
    God of War 3: the end is so bad, so stupid, so silly... Kratos went from hero (GoW 1) to a reckless bad ass alpha male without any depth. They just ruined a great series.
    YES! why don't people see this? I have been feeling like i'm the only one who hates Kratos.

    OT: 1st Duke Nukem Forever - I don't think this one needs an explanation

    2nd Resident Evil Survivor - A fps single player resident evil game for the Playstation, so unpopular most people probably don't even know it exists.

    3rd (i'll get a lot of flack for this one) the Nintendo 3DS - This handheld was released with a horrible battery life, and no first party games at launch. it's price was cut in half if I remember correctly within a few months of launch. Also I would imagine the fact that they called it the 3DS instead of giving it a new name entirely most likely caused people to think that it was just a new version of the original DS(in line with the DS lite, DSi, DSiXL) rather than an entirely new handheld. They did that with the Wii U as well so I would guess it won't do well either.
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    wow Cataclysm
    wow Mist of panderia
    and diablo 3
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeroWashu View Post
    1) MWO - Mechwarrior Online. Ouch. Painful. While I love the game play it is so over the top Pay too win its silly.
    I'm currently loving MWO. But I am only taking it in small dozes. With a trials mech, and lack of a matching system, you have to take it slow or you will pull your hair out from the continuous losses.
    I'm still thinking about it...

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    I'm definitely in the boat of things like Daikatana and ET.

    While I'm no fan of D3, the game was, by the books, successful. Very successful. Thing is, even if 90% of the playerbase quit, it would *still* be considered successful by the books.

    Aion may not have been huge in the west, but it was rather big in Korea for a long time; I think only recently it had started to falter(I don't think it ever beat Lineage though, which actually had some scary high worldwide numbers.) Not a failure. (It lasted from 2008 in Korea until 2012, four years before it went f2p...that's not a bad run for a more PvP based grindy MMO.)

    GW2? it's got issues, but it sold well, it's still selling, and there are still lots of people playing.

    Now, 'Disappointing' games can still be successful, of course-but 'disappointing' doesn't necessarily mean 'Failure.'

    When I think of 'failures', I think of, again, stuff like Daikatana. Stuff like FF14's first release when it apparently came out in alpha. ET. Not stuff that actually sold very well but died out later. Warhammer Online seemed to start active but yeah-that ended up flopping pretty fast(and sadly so, since they had some really good ideas, but they just kept repeatedly dropping almost every ball that was handed to them.)

    Then there are games which I like to put in the 'heartbreaker' pile. Tera, IMO, goes here. It's a beautiful game with some very fun combat-but in the west, it just didn't hit the right buttons with a lot of people. It was less grindy than it's Korean counterpart, but I personally think that the very limited classes(re: no real specs, your class was your role, save the Warrior which later was tweaked to be a pretty solid tank and DPS), and use of the trinity(I think that game may have been better either without it or with a much looser version), ended up helping all the huge server mergers. (The art style was very YMMV as well. I mean the freakin' naked catgirls got ALL of my hate in that game, but I just did my best to ignore that, look at the designs I did like, and the fun gameplay-but yeah, this was a heartbreaker for me.)
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    Hellgate: London, i personally really spend a lot of time in it but apperently it just died. Not sure how though, really disapointing to see a game you like just shutdown.

    Red Faction: Armageddon... Oh lord. The port was just awful and it was just bad in every possible way compared to my almost favourite game of my life Red Faction Guerrila. Guerrila wasn't the best port either but it didn't render the game unplayable.

    Third? Well it would probably be End of Nations but maybe i expected too much from it. i expected another Red Alert 2 but it just ain't happening. This is my personal opinion though so don't get shoo'd off, i just didn't like my experience in Alpha and just turned my back to it halfway from Beta.

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    SWTOR, mmo that failed quite a bit on several aspects, wanted a kotor3, the ending of number 2 did not exactly cut it of clean with all questions answered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeroWashu View Post
    Sticking with what is this year from a MMO perspective..

    1) MWO - Mechwarrior Online. Ouch. Painful. While I love the game play it is so over the top Pay too win its silly.

    2) SWTOR - still beating the dead horse

    3) any recent comic book hero game

    Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are really good though. Got high ratings to. Love those games.

    For me, from the games I played:

    1: Age of Conan. Was so excited for this games. Always heard the old Conan stories from my father back when I was little. The start of the game was good. Until you got out of the starting zone...

    2: Assassin's Creed. The first game that is. Was really great at the beginning again. How beautiful Damascus was etc. But then I was repeating everything over and over. Loved the 2nd game though.

    3: God of War 3. I guess I was just overhyped. GoW1 and 2 were awesome. But when you start this game you already get to fight and kill 1 of the most important gods in Greek mythology and shortly after another important god. Some boss fights weren't boss fights at all. And Kratos getting all emotional. For me GoW2 was so awesome. And it felt that they left a lot behind in the 3rd part. The game itself looked great though.

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    some people have different views on what is a failure and what isnt. in my opinion any game that can generate revenue is not a failure. d3 and swtor i dont see ncessarily as failures because they did fantastic intial sales and still generate money. did swotr have a decline? sure they did, however they sold some 2+ million copies of the game and still have some subscribers and id be willing to bet the f2p model will generate a good chunk of money, at the bare minimum it will generate enough to sustain it.

    that being said, i will give my opinion of a failed game.

    1) diablo 3 - even though it sort of contradicts my theory of a non failed game, it failed in the sense that it didnt even come close to living up to its expectations (this is my personal opinion) the story was just absolutely horrid and while its not an mmo it was somewhat played off as a huge heroic raid. meaning nothing you did prior to inferno level really mattered. for me personally the game was over after normal mode, the story was so terrible i personally couldnt stomach playing past act 2 in the second difficulty. it was a waste of 60 bucks for. again this is pure opinion

    2) warhammer : age of reckoning - while i wasnt around at launch due to work issues i did get to finally play my collectors edition (the only time ive ever bought a collectors edition) most of my guild was already at max level and working on their pvp rank. i have no knowledge of how they did in sales but it was something my guildies had been looking forward to for a long time, a game mostly based around pvp and wpvp. i managed to get to around 45 on one of my toons before my guildies gave up due to end game being so shitty. i never got a character to max level and the $80 collectors edition sits on my computer desk. at least i didnt open the figurine it came with!

    3) swtor - again it somewhat contradicts my theory of being a failure, and despite being a game im currently subscribed to and love to death the game apparently didnt live up to peoples expectations and i can sort of see why. i had been part of the closed beta since around april of 2011. i got to play thru several different builds and in my opinion each one was a great improvement. that said i believe the game would have greatly benefitted from staying in beta for another 3-6 months. unfortunately i think EA had their hands in the decisions and basically said "release it or funding is cut". i applauded them not doing cross server type stuff, it fostered a tight knit community feeling reminiscant of vanilla WoW, unfortunately that type of player has been outpopulated by a new age genre of gamer that is more casual. i have no issue with this, but swtor launch wasnt ideal for it as it had no cross server capabilities and no dungeon type finder.

    these are just my opinions and should be taken as such

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