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    1. Swtor gotta be the most unfinished game I ever played at launch and upto the first 3months.
    2. Mass Effect 3 horrible endings, all the same just different coloured spell effects blue/green/red I think were the 3 and ofc the crappy multiplayer they added which you HAD todo to get high enough score to get the best ending.
    3. Dragon Age 2, its a pale shadow of the original from constant reused locations, bland character interaction, horribly simplified spells/abilities and short game length.

    Sadly All EA/Bioware games too I just noticed, oh how Bioware have fallen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mazar View Post
    Biggest dissapoints for me were

    DC online, was hoping it would have been epic

    Skyrim. Great game but due to no multiplayer i never made it past level 20. I know it was never planned to have MP but a guy can dream right.

    Halo series inbetween halo 2 and halo 4, garabge.
    Man, agree w/you on DCUO. That game could have really been amazing with a better dev/marketing team behind it.

    Skyrim first time I have ever read that someone didn't like that game, it's in my top 3 best games of all time, right below Goldeneye.

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