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    Quote Originally Posted by Dabrix32 View Post
    I have been playing MMOs since 1997 and have never heard of Tabula Rasa so obviously it wasnt as hyped as games like D3 and SW:ToR so thats why they are considered bigger failures. When you have high sales + hype and turn out a pile of crap then you just made a terrible game. Also most people couldnt even afford the PCs to run FF14 so maybe not enough people could play it to say it sucked?
    If you have been playing that long, you would have heard of it. It is one of the few mmos that was actually shut down. Lots of money was poured into the game but ended up getting canned along with the creator of the game (who seems a bit of a crack pot but whatever).

    The only reason why games such as D3 and Swtor are mentioned here is because they are so new and fresh in people's minds. But overall they are certainly way more successful than those two games that I mentioned.

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    1. Swtor. Ive never been so let down by a game
    2. Banjo Kazooie Nuts and bolts
    3. Wow cataclysm - again ive never been so let down by a game well expansion in this case I was so hyped for this expansion but instead it ruined the game for me
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    MassEffect 3
    WoW Cata PvE
    WoW MoP PvP
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    Resident Evil Outbreak - You couldn't even pause the damm game!!
    Driver 2 - A major disappointment after such a great first game.
    IDK what my third choice would be.

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    1. Diablo 3
    2. Swtor
    3. WoW MoP

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    SW:TOR - Even the F2P system is a shambles.

    Warhammer Online - was never really popular. Personally liked it, loved the art style and how ever class/race had it's own unique armours and weapons.

    The ET movie game: a bit of an urban legend surrounding it, that's how crap it was.

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    1)SWTOR-Do I even have to start ?
    2)NFS:Run-Aka CoD of all racing games.The run was probably worst of all NFS.Everything about Run was bad.
    3)Warhammer online

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    1) Auto Assault
    2) Tabula rasa
    3) Aion, RF Online, Archlord, etc

    so many bad games...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightswords View Post
    2)NFS:Run-Aka CoD of all racing games.The run was probably worst of all NFS.Everything about Run was bad.
    Old Nfs were nice (porsche unleashed the best), then devs started to be inspired by "Fast and Furious"...

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    Quote Originally Posted by freeforumuser View Post
    I won't call D3 a failure though, at least Blizzard patched away most of the godawful gameplay problems pretty swiftly with 1.04.
    It might not be a failure in our eyes, but it is in the eyes of the general public. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression. Even though the game might be a whole lot better now, most people gave up on it long ago and won't find (or even care about!) improvements anymore.

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    Fuck you hypes!

    Am I the only one who enjoyed Duke Nukem forever here, and wouldn't change it at all?!

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    1) Empire Earth III.
    After a genious EE I and quite good sequel we got this monstrosity. The whole idea of Empire Earth, which was being able to progress through many eras and ages, was nearly totally scrapped. What we got was barely playable RTS without any innovations, with extremly limited amount of npcs to recruit and buildings. For me, it was the biggest letdown ever.
    2) Flat Out III.
    Again, same story. All previous games were masterpieces, filling a niche in racing games. Flat Outs were fast, brutal, fun and, most of all - had a great damage engine, making you sometimes "accidentally" crash into something just to see the effect. Bonus games were a great addition as well - crazy stunts with ragdoll effect were never boring. What about making a game ONLY with those minigames, just way worse and more mundane? Guess what - it was a bad idea. Shitty game.
    3) Street Fighter x Tekken PC edition.
    This is here because of my frustration. Capcom finally realised that there is a great market for fighting games - PC. Releasing SF IV and subsequent games was a glory in PC world. But with SFxT something went wrong. Capcom released an unfinished game, with major problems that made it nearly unplayable in multiplayer - the main mode of this game. And how long did it take for them to fix those? I don't know. Half a year has passed and Capcom still didn't make PC version playable, didn't include any patches to it and eved didn't allow us to download DLC content prepared for the game (this DLC is another shitfest, but not all in once). Capcom showed not only that they care about their customers only as long as it brings them money - they don't care even it they do.

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    So I guess almost everyone can at least agree that D3 and SW:ToR sucked lol.

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    so glad i never bought into the SWtor hype after reading this xD i remember just before SWtor coming out, all the people saying how polished, smooth and balanced the game was, a week later and everyone was saying how bad it was. that went downhill quick.
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    Honestly laughing at so many people saying "Diablo 3!" "Star Wars TOR!" etc.
    Obviously the concept of failure is kind of lost to many. Sure TOR didn't succeed as well as they hoped, but the game itself barring some bugs was solid, enjoyable and many people paid/subbed for it. Same with D3, it sold more copies than most games going. TOR may not have made the money longterm, but it *did* sell a fuckload on release, and was a critical success, as was D3 (critical and commercial). So they are hardly *failures* compared to some of the software tripe out there.

    The top 3 failures in video games to my mind have to be

    1) Pacman- Atari 2600 (they made more copies for the game than people had actually bought for the console, smart thinking there Atari...). That and the game was a supremely rushed buggy pile of shite that didn't match anything of the original arcade game. ALong with ET, pretty much nearly destroyed video games in it's infancy and had to be bought back by Nintendo.
    2) Daikatana - Years of planning, promises, adverts, all lead people to believe it would be something special. It *would* be the new Doom and blow away everything. On release? Shite AI, poor GFX that were behind the times, sloppy level design, and some of the most boring enemies ever. Absolute toss, and pretty much single handedly destroyed Romero's (much undeserved) reputation. Cost them millions and was a critical and financial flop.
    3) Battlecruiser 3000AD. Super hyped, super long to get released, and when it was? Crappy, buggy, piss poor, bad designm bad..well...everything. Flopped critically and commercially. (Oh, and the claims of using a "neural network" for the games AI were laughable lies it was hilarious. Also responsible for one of the longest flame wars in 'net history).

    Oh, and "Plumbers Don't Wear Ties". Jesus...include any "Multimedia FMV" game from the early 90's in that as well :P
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    Dungeon Siege 3 - It was just one thing making the whole game annoying to me so i couldnt continue playing. The fact that i couldnt change the camera angle, and it was placed in such a disgusting way.

    Final Fantasy - The one for Game Cube. Not sure what its called, but i just didnt like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howlrunner View Post
    Honestly laughing at so many people saying "Diablo 3!" "Star Wars TOR!" etc.
    Obviously the concept of failure is kind of lost to many.
    Or *GASP* we all have our own opinions one what we consider failures. *shrug*

    Just sayin.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tenhou View Post
    Final Fantasy - The one for Game Cube. Not sure what its called, but i just didnt like it.
    Crystal Chronicles, I think.
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    MW3. Now that was a waste of money. €60 for a game that is in like alpha stage in comparisment with other games on release day is just stupid. I still like SWTOR tho.
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