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    Disc pvp

    so we all know how much disc sux in pvp, i have an solution for this.

    - make penance while moving baseline
    - give inner focus back( they probaly already planning doing this)

    and maybe give us 1-2 more new glyphs since we lose 2 if theese spells become baseline for disc.

    what do you guys think? I personally dont think it would be to op.

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    I think at least, AT LEAST, one of those two should be baseline:
    - glyph of inner focus
    - glyph of desperation

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    yeah glyph of desperation could also be baseline instead of penance, would maybe be too op we wanted all 3.
    i just think they could fix disc easily by removing 2 of our prio glyphs and make them baseline.

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    If I was going to theorize on possible solutions to the Discipline PvP problem.

    - Glyph of Inner Focus baseline.
    - Glyph of Desperation baseline.
    - Give back Divine Hymn.
    - Give back Mindblast and Mind Spike so Priests can go offensive again; or buff Smite and Holy Fire damage (I know this would mess with PvE healing though.)

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