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    Am I happy to see something new? Yes.

    Am I happy to see Mists of Pandaria? No.

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    After T11 (I really like the beginning of Cata) Cata was boring, I agree. But Pandaria to me just doesn't fit right... There's some better aspects to it than Cata, but it just doesn't feel like WoW to me anymore.

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    Cata was not that great for me, MoP seems to be cool except keeping up with alts. At least they should add rep gains shared between characters at relesease. Capping valor for alts is a pain. Now im only playing with 2 characters wheres i was playing with 4 toons regularly at cata. Lfr,bh, 2 dungeons woaah im capped.
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    Yes and no. It's always fun to experience new content. It's sad however seeing all of the old content being shelfed. Same way I felt about Ragnaros when BC came out. The Molten Chorus

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    I would give CATA a 3.5/5 B grade.

    I liked it, wasn't half bad there were lots of fun raids like Firelands and good art. the aesthetics of the legendary staff were pretty original.
    Alysrazor was one of my favorite bosses (especially to solo). There were two MAJOR innovations, 1)LFR feature enabled baddies and very casual players to experience a taste of raid content without having to go through the drama associated with raiding guilds. 2)Transmogrification, allows us to change the look of our gear, very important for those who love art and fashion, to express ourselves and our artistic ideas and boosts incentives to go back to raiding content of old raids, but there was a ton that was lacking, 7-8 boss raid tiers were a bit small, Dragon Soul was SEVERELY underwhelming. The encounters were not plentiful or interesting, Deathwing by far was the most disappointing feature, basically jump around and dps his limbs, you don't even get to tank him directly.

    Overall LIKED cata quiet a lot, but it was far from perfect.

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    I loved Cata, but I don't miss it because MOP is so good
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aphrel View Post
    eh?! every aspect of the game was nerfed to appeal to more casual players. how can that be to only appeal to hardcore players?!

    But overall ia gree with you, cata wasnt the best of expansions.. the first raid teir and rag was the only really good things in the expansion.
    the devs themselves admitted that the way they worked cata was giving to much attention to the hardcore minority, a very small portion of the wow community, up until 4.3 and what they did in and around dragonsoul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omoidaseba View Post
    Cata was a very cool event made into such a bore that it feels like History class just ended.
    You know the funny thing. I remember before the release of cata, there was a pc gamer magazine I saw in the newsagents, with the front cover of deathwing and the message


    or something to that effect. Yet, as it turned out, not only did that break azeroth lorewise, they broke the game in so many aspects they had to change things from there reworked system, make things more accessable again, and even promise they would repeat the mistakes made in this expansion.

    I just imagine them gathered around a table saying 'Hey guys, Lets Break Azeroth! ', only for it to follow dozens of people leaving the game and them saying "Hey, what we do wrong? D:"

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    I will never understand the design behind Cataclysm's level changes.

    First off, they redid the majority of the leveling experience. This was great. Wonderful. However, even without BoA's you out-level the zone by the time you're finished. To me you should end the zone on Yellow quests (Close to a level up, or Green quests just following a recent level up), not 1 1/2 levels into Green-level quests. It broke the leveling pattern as you either; Finished the zone and progressed even further into your level or you skipped to the next level zone. Whichever you chose you ended up missing out on seeing the zones in the way they were designed either by out-leveling the end of the zone and moving on, or finishing one zone and having the knock-on effect of having that extra half-full level carry on to the next zone, and the next.

    Secondly, they made Herbalism/Mining grant fairly high experience, often comparable to grinding if you're chasing herbs that are relevant to your skill level. This means that, in addition to quests over-leveling you, your professions often pushed you over the general level that a questing zone is designed for.

    Thirdly, they changed the PvP/Dungeon queuing system so that if you leveled up you would be automatically removed from the queue. This meant that if you wanted to level, but fancied a change of pace from mob/node grinding and questing to doing a Dungeon or a Battleground, you would often have to stop doing anything otherwise you would end up dropping your queue after leveling. Granted, I know that PvP was slightly affected by exploiters who would level up to key milestones while queued for lower brackets (Warrior at 30 with Zerker stance and so on) but even then it was such a small chance of even being in a group with someone who's done that, that even one person wouldn't make or break the BG. They also halved the brackets that Battlegrounds were available to which, while it is a fair point on paper, caused several brackets to be completely devoid of any active queues (Never had a queue for 25-34, despite leveling up largely in PvP on several characters).

    Lastly, They added more BoAs in the form of Head/Cloak, further speeding up the leveling speed for those who have access to them. Despite not being the actual cause of the problem, they only served to amplify an existing problem which is that players already level up too fast while questing and wearing any BoA's while doing any activity between BG/Instance queues (As a DPS) meant that you were almost guaranteed to never get a queue.

    So the leveling revamp for Cataclysm, to me anyway, was a huge waste of resources. I also disliked how linear the questing was in Cata; if you do any zone you feel like you're being guided around by NPC's, a opposed to exploring a world which you had done previously.

    So yes, while I'm happy Cataclysm is over, I'm not entirely enthusiastic about Mists; largely due to an aesthetic standpoint (I'd delete the Pandaren in a heartbeat. Mantid can stay though, they're awesome).
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    I've heard people said that about TBC and Wrath. They will say it about Mists when its over as well.
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    I leveled two toons to 85 within a month, then left the game and came back on a whim two weeks before MOP. I did not like cata at ALL, but i'm very please with MOP.

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    At the beginning they ignored the casuals but towards the end they listened. Vanilla and tbc were the exclusive content expansions. Tbc was better but vanilla had stupid gear grinds, resistances gear farming, took a lot longer to reach max level, pvp was the most geared based it's been in wow history, A lot of specs weren't viable, enhancement and retribution had gaps in there rotation and every class felt super clunky. In mist, I never run out of stuff to spam, people will say well it's because the games more mindless now, or maybe I just have more things to use my global on rather then sitting their doing nothing. Rotation have gotten more complex since wotlk in my opinion. Ulduar was the only good thing about wotlk.

    Blizzard has only removed 2 mechanic which made the game more fun those were hunters extra range and vanish breaking on damage(good rogues watched bleed ticks and got of cheap shots/garrotes/ambushes). Outside of that 90% of the other stuff is quality of life changes.
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    During Cata I complained this and that, but MoP sucks waay more

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