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    New player, Imp question about nameplates.

    So I have been searching everywhere, different forums, asking in chat, but my friends and I are having a serious problem with this game we are trying. (and Loving) Being a tank, it's extremely hard to tank effectively without seeing the nameplates for ever mob, I have been unable to find an option to turn on nameplates for all unfriendly mobs. I know it is there because I have seen videos with it, where is the option!? Or is it an add on?

    Heeeeelp! :-)

    - Question resolved -

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    There's an option for hostile npc nameplates to be showed "Always" under the drop down menu in the section for hostile npcs in the Nameplates portion of the settings.

    I know you say you already have it resolved, but I figured I would put up the answer for anyone else who might want to know.

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