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    Blade Lord Ta'yak help

    So, Thursday night we got Zor'lok down and moved onto Blade Lord Ta'yak. We spent the first 3 or 4 attempts working out our positioning and then after that it pretty much got to the point where we'd wipe due to someone DCing or we'd get to P2 and we'd die on the first tornado phase. From what I've heard this fight is supposed to be pretty easy, but we're still having trouble. I feel like people shouldn't be dying much in P2 or at least not until the second tornado phase.

    Here are the logs: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/umrzjg6ih7yninn0/

    I feel like the problem lies with our healers, but to be quite honest I know very little about healing. Feel free to make any suggestions about healing, tanking, or dps. I'll point my guildies to this thread.

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    First, this fight definitely doesn't need 3 healers. In fact, it usually makes it more difficult as the healing gets really tough at the end if the boss is dying too slowly.

    Have your shaman(s) use riptide glyph. It will make their healing on the move so much better than it is without it. One thing you can do if you are still dying while running is to wait and heal up the raid before starting to run to the other side of the room.

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    I would recommend staying still for a few seconds at the start of P2 to give your healers some time to heal people up and topping people off and throwing up HoTs before he phases. Make sure NOBODY is getting hit by tornadoes, as that will screw everything up. We always have a couple people die in this phase, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem. When he gets down to about 11%, have your dps and healers use the sidestreams to quickly move over to the other side, and let the tanks and DoTs take care of that last percent.

    Also, like hybriis said, this should really be two-healed. The less damage you do, the more Intensify stacks he has when he phases (and thus, the more damage the ticking AoE does).

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    We had two partial nights on this, then finally got it last night. Things we did that helped:

    2 tank, 2 heal. 3 healing wasn't an option with enrage.

    Phase I is pretty straight forward, spread and stack. We time warp off the pull prepotted, zerg down then drag him along the hallway to flags every 20% of his health to stay out of tornadoes.

    Make sure everyone is topped up for 20% transition. We had one healer who struggled with the tornadoes, we left her behind, we all ran the gauntlet, stacked on boss and dpsed down. Our pally healer kept us up with an OS tranq from boomkin at 15%. At 12.5% I had 2 dot classes jump in the jet stream and ride it back to other end. At 11.5% I had 2 more go, then everyone went at 11% leaving dots and feral tank druid to push to 10%, this way we had all taken the streams down and were in position for jet stream with a fresh healer waiting on us with no need to re run tornadoes, then just push push push. When our healers have a bit more gear will be easier but its doable.

    For running the gauntlet at 20% we used to all run off and die, now we stop, feral guardian druid using tranq after speccing HotW and monk healer used revival. Once healed up THEN we ran the tornadoes so everyone made it. Hpally also used devo half way up. We also had healthstones and healing pots on reserve if needed. That was a huge difference maker for us.

    Don't run right away, top everyone off first, then you got a kill

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