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    The Alphabetical Listing of Reputation Factions

    I feel like they make a mistake in the way they order the reputation factions. Each subgroup is alphabetical, but there are several factions that are preceded with the word "The." But for some reason, there are reps like "Golden Lotus" or "Shado-Pan" that arent preceded with "The." I wonder what makes them decide that The August Celestials need "The" in front of it, as opposed to the Golden Lotus and Shado-Pan. Or, "The Klaxxi," for that matter and "The Black Prince." They can't just be Black Prince, Klaxxi, and August Celestials? It kinda defeats the purpose of an alphabetical system if half of them are improperly organized by "The" being in front of it. I know this isn't a pressing issue, but I'm hoping some people can see my point.

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    Not having "The" in front of Black Prince sounds odd

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