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    Unless you plan on DPSing naked, comparing only the swap of the two weapons quantitatively is meaningless. If we were looking at thousands of DPS difference then you could assume one was clearly superior but these numbers are all certainly w/in the bounds of optimal reforging. If you want to know if it's BiS you have to simulate an entire profile and then that entire gear set becomes our "BiS" list. In reality every piece of gear depends on every other and unless you have that exact set the best item for you is not going to be necessarily the same.
    The answer all of these people doing napkin math should have given is that "they are very close". That's all you can tell without doing actual simulations of full gear sets that are all optimally reforged. In the end, all you're figuring out is what set of gear simulates the best DPS in simcraft with it's given priority list and what our sim knows of the mechanics in a patchwork style fight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spektroman View Post
    No you won't. Apparently the powers that be decided that the sha-touched sword is a ONE-HANDED item instead of main hand so all the previous caster swords are out. On the other hand, you can use a number of tank/melee swords instead. >.>
    Well. At least I found out about this before Thanksgiving, because this has ruined my day ... :P haha
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