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    You seem to have a very small grid (or whatever raid frame addon) that doesn't let much room to show what is happening to the raid (e.g. on Garajal: frail soul and voodoos, threat), and you can't neither monitor healing, which you should, as the GM.

    Otherwise, an apply form doesn't show much, it can only serves at a first filter - if a player has no keybinds, or no experience, obvious things like that. But most questions guilds usually tend to ask are pointless, such as "describes your exact rotation" or stuff like that. It's stupid firstly cause even idiots can copypaste EJ guides and secondly cause it doesn't distinguish between great players and average ones.

    You can't actually know what really worth an apply before testing it in a few raids, and even still - a nice, prepared and strong apply can turn out to be a mediocre member. What really matters, in fine, is brain and motivation.

    And btw, I hate nothing more than bad guilds with mediocre progress using application forms longer than an income tax return and that can't keep asking pointless questions.
    I agree with most of what you said but i do feel your POV is slightly skewed. If the officer core is doing it correctly they'll be able to pick out whos just copy and pasting from EJ and from those who are giving a fight by fight break down of what they're doing. Logs can provide that but reading their logic as to why this button is more important then that button can be insightful as well.

    Yes i do agree with you, allot of questions guilds have on their app are filler but at the same time its put there not so much for a right or wrong answer reason but more for a show of care on the applicants side. A well done app shows allot toward the way of how serious someone is. I'm not saying an application has to be a book and you need to describe everything but it shouldn't be horrible for an applicant to spend a little time on it to impress the people he wants to join.

    your last statement btw about "bad guilds with mediocre progress using application forms longer than an income tax return and that can't keep asking pointless questions." sounds like its coming from personal experience. Every guild regardless of their end result is entitled to represent themselves in the best manner possible. The logic behind bad guilds with a detailed application process is flawed because what are they going to do when they fall behind in progression? Drop their app and mass recruit everyone b/c they're deemed "bad"? If anything if that's probably more of a sign to filter out the undesirables.

    Again, the care and dedication an applicant should bring to their desired guild should be reflected on their app regardless if the guild is world 5 or world 5,000,000,000,000,000.

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    I wrote up the article from the UI standpoint to help raiders fix their UIs BEFORE apping to one of our teams. Let me know if you think anything was missed or should be added. Thanks! Hope I captured the overall sediments here.
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