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    The Insane title is bugged... So what?

    I saw a blue post on the front page responding to a complaint that the insane title is bugged. I didn't mind initially until I saw the continued responses from the blue trying to pacify the posters by responding with an unsatisfactory but reasonable quote:

    I investigated this further for you. At the moment, you'll either need to wait for this to be fixed (it's being looked into as I said), or, do Bloodsail last. I'm afraid there's nothing we can do at this moment and sadly there's no ETA for a fix.

    Now I understand the OP would be annoyed by this, but at some point someone needs to tell this guy this is The Insane title. The initial purpose of the achievement was to be such an utter time and gold sink that it was insane to even attempt it. Now aside from the ravenholdt rep, it has become significantly easier over the years. I can understand it would be frustrating to find out due to a bug the OP needs to grind the bloodsail rep again, but come on.

    The Blue should have just reminded the OP to be thankful they didn't need to turn in 180+ Free Knot quests in Diremaul, get 100+ epic DMF decks, or even need to think about shen'dralar rep. I feel like the OP is indicative of the new culture Blizz has bred in recent years. It's not that the the OP shouldnt have brought up the bug but the continued whining after is just sad. What do you guys think about it?
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    Well I believe some people are having issues with it no mater what order they do it in, the blue says its should be working if you do all other reps first and do bloodsail last, however some doing it are saying that it is still not working doing it in that order.

    So while yes it is a time investment achievement and utterly insane. It shouldn't be impossible :P But as they said it is buggy and they are working on a fix.

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    And 40 years ago almost nobody had a computer. Times change and a bug is a bug.

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    The problem is that if a guide says you can do one reputation, then lose it and earn another, and that ends up being unexpectedly wrong, they will have to grind both those reps all over again.

    The achievement is supposed to be hard but that doesn't make it okay if a bug or stealth change makes it like twice as hard for some people because they unknowingly completed it wrong when nothing in the game indicates that it won't work.
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    My achievement was bugged too. I first got honored with the Bloodsail Buccaneers and then with the Goblin factions but I didn't recieve the Feat of Strength. I've had to grind reputation for the Bloodsail again and finally recieved my achievement.

    But was the achievement worth it? I don't know. It was definitely fun grinding reputation and having the title for the first weeks after I got it BUT... now "The insane" is just another title in my collection. I wouldn't do again... at least not in WoW. :P
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