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    Raid Dummy dps

    I've been away from my raid group for some time and has fallen way behind on gear.

    Now at the start of MoP I really struggled with damage, so I'm training now...

    Here's the crunch. Not being in Progression raids means I don't have a good benchmark.

    So I wonder. At Ilvl 480 assuming standard dungeon hc weapon. What Raid dummy dps should I have? I'm going back to basics here, so lets not involve bosses etc.

    What dps should I be reaching assuming say Twice AW?

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    My guess if you set timer on 6 mins with that IL 50k or so. You'll have 2 Goaks + 2 AW so you can delay AW for 2nd goak etc.

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    Im at 480 ilvl + starshatter from LFR, and that takes me to 49k dummy dps over 7minutes

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