We are currently looking to fill most positions to bring our guild back into the light of raiding.
We prefer 25 man content, but until such time as that is viable we will be looking for 10 man teams. We will be looking to have a team run Wednesday, Thursday and Monday evenings, with a second team running on the weekend.
We are a level 25 guid, of mature people who love to play for fun. In Cata we lent more to 10 man and the guild almost dissolved, but were looking to expand back into 25's, start some guild PvP ( not something you have to do) . Our beleife is RL>WoW, but if you sign up to raid on a particular night and dont show several times, you wont be invited to subsiquent raids. We like people to be self sufficient as far as consumables and professions go, but encourage guild mates to craft at a discount etc. We encourage casuals and love active guild chat. So if your looking to Raid, hang out with a bunch of people Look us up for a chat, or sign on and see what we have to offer.
We will also be looking for someone capable of leading a run without being an overbearing ......
Kelindor / Treehuggha / Smokesniffer.