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    Cool Valor Point question

    Hey everyone, sorry if this has been asked but i could not find the answer i was looking for.

    In Cata you used to be able to do 7 dungeons a week, get lots of valor points for it, and roughly come away each week or two, with a nice shiny VP purple.

    I stopped playing MOP not long after hitting 90 as i couldn't stand the dailies, mainly as my computer would go super laggy in the daily areas, I'm hoping it's calmed down now!

    As i'm not really interested in raiding and don't have enough time for it, having a full set of VP purples was my goal, and having that full set was like being in the top end gear for me

    So i guess my question is, is it still possible to get a valor point item every week or two like i used too, and if so how?

    Many thanks for any help

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    VP cap is at a 1000 a week, with most of the VP gear gated behind reputation.. if getting Purples is your goal then a combination of dailies and LFR will be required.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trix09 View Post
    So i guess my question is, is it still possible to get a valor point item every week or two like i used too, and if so how?
    The VP cap is at 1000, so it will take up to 2 weeks to get each item, however, most of them have a reputation cap with most of the factions that require you to grind dailys every day. Also, it will take more than just 7 dungeons a week as the amount you get from a heroic dungeon run/ LFR has been lowered. a lot.

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    you can get 1k VP pr week, and can have max 3k at all times. Items costs 1250 (rings etc), 1650 (boots, bracers ets) 1750 (shoulders), 2200 (chest, legs) so you cant buy 1 item pr week

    And ofc, need to have reputation to buy them.
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    Great, thanks everyone for the information. So i just need to hope the dailies areas have calmed down a bit now so my computer doesn't stutter so much

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    Just to clarify too, the rep needed to unlock most items is at most revered with the faction of your choosing. In fact, many items are available at honoured rep. There is a vendor in Town Steppes at Niuzao Temple around back up on the wall that has all the JP and VP items in one nice list. Should make it easier for you to see which dailies are the most important to you.

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    Some additional info. You only need Revered, not Exalted, rep to purchase the VP items. Also, there are only a few factions that sell them so you don't need to grind rep with everyone. Start with Golden Lotus and Klaxxi. After that you can move on to August Celestials and Shado Pan.

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    VP Items
    Golden Lotus: Shoulder, Chest, Ring [and epic neck available from quest at exalted]
    Shadow Pan: Back, Head, Trinket
    August Celestials: Boots, Gloves, Wrist
    Klaxxi: Legs, Neck, Waist, [Also weapons (blue) and epic ring at end of quest chain after exalted]

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