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    There's only one fantasy film that beats everything else...

    *Hops ontop of a furry dragon dog... thing*

    "Turn around, look at what you see
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    *Raises arms in air* Yeeeeeeeah!!

    /Flies off

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    budget still does matter though - if it will be spent on right things, it's going to be awesome

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    Wasn't this movie supposed to be done 5 years ago?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa View Post
    Movie projects that really want to get made are put on rails and get made. Movie projects that sound like commercially viable ideas but are problematical in every other way bounce around Hollywood for years before they either disappear entirely or finally get done and released. The WoW movie is the latter. I'm not even sure that after how many years there's even a final script for it, much less a cast.

    If I were betting, I'd bet it will be a mess when it comes out. John Carter of Mars bounced around Hollywood for over a decade and look how that turned out.

    P.S. / Lord of the Rings was pretty damn epic and most projects will pale in comparison. We can now look forward to another 3 or 4 years of The Hobbit sucking up all of the oxygen for major genre projects.
    I'd argue the LoTR series actually belongs in the category you describe. Being problematic does not guarantee failure.

    The movie will be made ... sometime. The potential for commercial success is simply too great. I can certainly appreciate Blizz's trepidation tho. And if anything, having the movie as a slow process makes me more optimistic about the result.

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    what if you add the upcoming move 'The Hobbit' to that collection?

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    Would be cool if Warcraft became a series of movies each covering an integral part of the franchise on its own instead of a trilogy of a set portion of the plot. I.e. one movie would focus on Arthas, another would show the Orcs traveling to Kalimdor and facing the trials there, another covering the First/Second War, etc. A strong focus on one aspect with notable ties to the other movies, like, for example, Jaina would appear in both Arthas and Kalimdor-movies, as would Terenas and Uther in Arthas and Second War.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeluron View Post
    Silent Hill
    They turned Harry into a woman...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kangodo View Post
    A budget doesn't make a movie epic
    Warcraft has some lore, but not in the amount of Middle-Earth..
    Exactly. Netflix movie at best. No way I pay to go and see it.

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    I gotta be honest, my expectations for the movie, if or when it eventually stumbles out of Development Hell and blinks into the light of day, are pretty low. By this I mean that I expect it to make Super Mario Bros look like Citizen Kane. It might surprise me and turn out to be a decent movie, and I hope it does. But if that's the case I will be extremely surprised.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Radeghost View Post
    Do you think Warcraft movie will shake the foundations of "epic" definition? I mean, will it be more epic than Lord of the Rings for example? Discuss.
    Well, I would imagine they have some preshot footage to use, plus if it is all CGI like the expac trailers, they could probably make the whole movie for $20M and use the rest to spend on champagne celebrating the success lol

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    If warcraft have the kind of writing / plot as it has now / you see in WoW, it will never be any good or have any chance of beating films like LOTR etc.

    whatever epicness Warcraft had is long gone. The writing for WoW is at times so predictable and bad it's almost funny. Characters all follow the same paths, it's as if they have a few designated character sheets for each character type.

    Sure, they might be able to do some pretty cool fights / effects for the movie. But all in all, I'm having a hard time to see warcraft produce anything good storywise.
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    Please the most epic fantasy movie goes to 2000's Dungeons and Dragons.

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    a) Lord of the rings was good but not as epic as some people claim (and everyone who have read the books and saw all the mistakes in the movie will agree)
    b) Silent Hill is a good example how bad a movie after a game is...
    c) the warcraft movie will never see the day of light just like Starcraft Ghost or the Thrall Adventure...

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    The only thing guaranteed here is that this will be the most bitterly debated movie in recent memory. The WoW community can't even agree on the fundamental pros and cons of an expansion - there is no way that the community at large will be happy with the delivery of a film crafted by a small group with a single interpretation of a vast world.
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    Budget has nothing to do with how good a movie is!

    John Carter had a budged of 250-350 million $ for 132 minutes. And it was rubbish. It was boring and lacked any depth. The main idea was ok, but how it was put in action just made it bad.

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    The model will be hard to pull off. You have two factions that hate one another but in gameplay, neither are supposed to be wholly good or evil. While the anti-hero theme is a popular one these days, you still have to generate a good vs. bad conflict in some way. Either they will have to vilify the Horde if the movie takes the alliance point of view, or the two sides will have to be working toward the same goal against a greater evil. It will be a hard plot to pull off but if they get enough good writers, maybe they can make it work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinsoul View Post
    I'd argue the LoTR series actually belongs in the category you describe. Being problematic does not guarantee failure.

    The movie will be made ... sometime. The potential for commercial success is simply too great. I can certainly appreciate Blizz's trepidation tho. And if anything, having the movie as a slow process makes me more optimistic about the result.
    Re: LOTR - You'd be right in one sense although I'd point out that before Jackson got to it there was the animated Rankin stuff and the Bakshi which might put it in the category of demonstration projects showing things not to do. I hated the Rankin and disliked the Bakshi even while I thought it was a valiant failure. The Jackson version clearly wasn't the first crack at it which makes it a little bit of a different animal compared to a Warcraft movie.

    I'm not certain about the potential for commercial success myself. I think a lot depends on whether it ends up being live action or not. I would also add that just about everything would hinge on what audience they make it for. Jackson made the LOTR for adults. Younger kids could enjoy it too but despite the mistakes and problems that people have with it, it wasn't made with youngsters as the primary audience. I'd like to believe that a Warcraft movie would be treated with the same respect but I have no faith whatsoever that Hollywood culture would look beyond the game and look at the actual lore. If the movie is made with the game in mind, then it will likely be dumbed down, not appeal much to anyone over 15-18 and not be something for the ages.

    Director in that case, really matters.
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    Will it be epic? maybe. will it be better then Tlotr? i doubt it coz the way the Midde earth universe is so good and so well writen and made and dont forget the lord of the rings wasnt made with the todays technology they filed everything from 1999-2002 with some last shots moment shots in 2003 i think by fantasy genre there will not be a better movie then tlotr for a long while that is if the hobbit doesnt beat it

    And i hate it when people claim the tlotr wasnt epic coz it was ive read the books and yes somewhere along the movies mistakes are made but then again not allways can everything thats written in books be brought to a movie and therefor im ok with how tlotr was made and i was more then pleased with all 3 parts.

    Im wondering if there even will be a Warcraft movie somewhere in the future i mean it has been years since blizzard announced it but they realy dont pay attention to it they are far too busy with next expension and a new game.
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    I´d love to see it and I know lots of people who do too. However, it won´t be the best film by far, as, story-wise, there are some really great films which cannot be topped by any fantasy film.
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