View Poll Results: Which Battlegrounds have you blacklisted?

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  • Warsong Gulch

    27 11.49%
  • Arathi Basin

    11 4.68%
  • Alterac Valley

    91 38.72%
  • Eye of the Storm

    19 8.09%
  • Strand of the Ancients

    93 39.57%
  • Isle of Conquest

    139 59.15%
  • Battle for Gilneas

    21 8.94%
  • Twin Peaks

    21 8.94%
  • Silvershard Mines

    12 5.11%
  • Temple of Katmogu

    11 4.68%
  • None

    14 5.96%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Which battlegrounds have you blacklisted?

    I'm interested to know which, if any battlegrounds you've blacklisted, and please say why.

    Do you think if enough people consistently blacklist certain battlegrounds Blizzard may decide to try to improve them? Should they try to improve them?
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    None at the moment. I don't mind the variety.

    I've been sick of all the bgs at different stages. I'd had WS and TP blocked at the start of mists just because I was burnt out with them.

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    It actually depends on the class that im playing for me

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    Twin Peaks, and when I'm queing alone, Temple.

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    The 40 mans, I don't pvp to pve

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    temple and isle/AV. really depends which 40 man my battlegroup feels like forgetting how to play. temple seems like horde doesn't know how to play it, they leave relics at the spawns and don't know the whole more points in the middle thing, although most people have figured it out and my last temple we won with all 4 relics and i got the powerball achieve.
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    IoC and BfG.

    IoC is a badly designed BG (I really love the idea of a proper siege Battleground, but IoC is just... so bad.) that is easily decided based on who's Stealthers are interested in winning. Whoever takes Docks likely loses the Glaives to whoever so much as coughs in the general direction of the Glaives. Building/Base designs favour Horde (Alliance Guns, albeit largely useless now, have a blindspot at the gate, so you can never hit the full damage on a single shot if the Demo positions right. When the Horde land on the keep from the Airship they can easily move and attack from anywhere on the building while having an easy LoS tool, whereas the Alliance can only attack from one point on the roof) as well as the Horde have a better starting position regarding Refinery Compared to Quarry. I am only able to assault the quarry faster than any Horde, even as a Paladin(CA), when I use the Rocket Boots Xtreme to jump the water to the boat.

    - It was a toss up between IoC and AV that I blacklisted, since AV's been butched beyond belief compared to what it used to be like. However, the fact that AV is often over within 10 minutes makes it slightly more bearable that IoC.

    I blacklisted IoC because I think it's just a terribly designed node-domination map. You will often find that most of the games in BfG will be decided within the first two minutes; whoever takes a second base first generally wins. Assuming you're queuing up solo and being bunched with other solo queue'ers there's often very little to no communication between attacks so it often becomes a boring base-alternating zerg wave occasionally resulting in a base trade that only serves to prolong the agony.

    - It was also a toss up between this and EotS, largely because as an EU-Alliance player most of my team tends to look like this:

    I'd like the note that the following 10s of /BG consisted of "Nerf Ele Shamans".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thassarian View Post
    IoC is a badly designed BG (I really love the idea of a proper siege Battleground, but IoC is just... so bad.)
    I have to agree with that really. I do get worried that because IoS has turned out so unpopular (even as evidenced in this poll) that Blizzard won't ever make any siege-type battlegrounds again.

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    I actually don't blacklist any, although I definitely have ones I'd rather not get. If I ever do blacklist any it will be Alterac Valley but I don't see that happening any time soon as it olds like 4 of 5 achievements I still need for Battlemaster.

    Recapping towers achieve? Urgh
    Autographed picture of tigule and foror? Double ugh! I've looted everything I see since the very day achievements were put into the game and still never got this on any character!

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    Sota and isle of conquest, can stand alterac valley as i can get actual pvp by defending towers instead of rushing like everyone else.

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    SotA and Twin Peaks.

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    Sota and AV. IoC would be third, stupid pve bg's.
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    strand and gilneas

    both are TERRIBLE bgs that should be purged from WoW with the combined fire of a thousand shamans, mages and warlocks
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    AV and Isle mainly, Strand on lower lvlers or if either AV or IoC is weekly. All these Player versus PvE/Siege BGs disgust me and should be removed from the game. Or reduce AV & IoC size to 15 players so you can actually make impact as individual.

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    I tend to stay away from the bigger bgs as a rule. In a 10man game I have great influence over the outcome, less so in a 15man, and in a 40man even when I'm capable of double or even tripling everyone else's damage, if as a whole the other team has half a clue it can still quite easily be a loss.

    That being said, as someone else mentioned it depends on the class alot too. For example if I'm on my DK, I can totally shut down SOTA (giving blood DKs, chillblains is so OP) and in many temple games ive scored over 600 (of the 1600) myself.

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    Both 40 man, just hate them. Too little pvp. Also sometimes I blacklist arathi basin, that battleground just takes to god damn long time. I mean can't people be satisfied with three bases and defend? No, it's always, OMG let's take another base and loose the first, and then the battleground goes on for an additional 10 minutes.

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    Sota and Ioc - two most boring bgs ever made.

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    Strand of the Ancients, Warsong Gulch or Twin peaks. Sometimes also Isle of Conquest. Depends on my mood. I always cross my fingers for AV, love that!
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    When I get back to the game eventually it will be Twin Peaks and I'll probably alternate between Gilneas and EotS depending on my mood and how much of either I see that day.

    Twin Peaks feels pointless to me because the other flag BG (WSG) rewards reputation, and my Rogue is like 12k into revered. It's the same game except the scenery is prettier and Twin Peaks rewards nothing extra.

    The siege BG's I actually find pretty relaxing, and Strand has become my second favorite BG as long as the team I am on defends first (or half the time). Defending first in strand generally assures either a win or a very fast game.

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    Sota and Isle of conquest, if i could do another it would be AV also.

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