View Poll Results: Which Battlegrounds have you blacklisted?

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  • Warsong Gulch

    27 11.49%
  • Arathi Basin

    11 4.68%
  • Alterac Valley

    91 38.72%
  • Eye of the Storm

    19 8.09%
  • Strand of the Ancients

    93 39.57%
  • Isle of Conquest

    139 59.15%
  • Battle for Gilneas

    21 8.94%
  • Twin Peaks

    21 8.94%
  • Silvershard Mines

    12 5.11%
  • Temple of Katmogu

    11 4.68%
  • None

    14 5.96%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    The Patient Yunalezka's Avatar
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    Twin Peaks and Battle for Gilneas.

    I love WSG and AB and these just feel like cheap rip offs of them.

    I don't really mind Strand/AV/IoC. They can be annoying but they are generally over quickly.

    I haven't really done the new ones much either so I'm still indifferent to them.

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    Mechagnome Kals's Avatar
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    IOC/AV/SOTA are the 3 I juggle, AV/IOC when it's not their holiday.

    I just don't really enjoy the zergfest of 40v40 and player vs wall is not fun. Granted if I had to choose one I'd prob take SotA and just farm on the beach not giving a damn about the objective.

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    I have blacklisted all bg's with vehicles involved because vehicles in wow pvp is bullshit. Simples. And when the blacklist sometimes bug and put me in a vehicle bg, I rage quit because I cba playing player vs vehicles when I queued for a pvp battleground.

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    SotA for sure, then for my second either Twin Peaks or Gilneas.
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    The Lightbringer Bluesftw's Avatar
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    isle of fail and strand, two worst designed battlegrounds ever

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    High Overlord Ascendanzy's Avatar
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    SotA and AV. I simply hate AV... As someone said earlier, i don't PvP to PvE. Also IoC will be blacklisted as soon as i have my 100 wins. I'd love it if i could blacklist all three, but the only BG i really despise is AV.

    Edit: I also hate the fact that you can't blacklist CtA BGs...
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    Surprised EotS is blacklisted by so few people. That place is by far the most frustrating BG because people still haven't figured out how the damn thing works. The gameplay is also boring because it's hard to get good PvP there unless you go premade or go for the flag (aka play it wrong).

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    when i pvp the only 1 i have blacklisted is WSG i don't pvp to be canped by the whole opposing team at my GY

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    Scarab Lord Ealyssa's Avatar
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    Switzerland, Geneva
    SotA : hate it with passion
    Warsong : too old and often boring, Twin peaks is far better.

    I like all the other BG.
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    Personally, I'm thinking of blacklisting the two new ones. Alliance seems to fail to grasp what's needed to win them, at least on my BG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shagina View Post
    Surprised EotS is blacklisted by so few people. That place is by far the most frustrating BG because people still haven't figured out how the damn thing works. The gameplay is also boring because it's hard to get good PvP there unless you go premade or go for the flag (aka play it wrong).
    I personally LOVE people who (in a 2/2 game) get the flag and don't cap it instantly. When you have 5-6 people constantly camping the middle and horde have no chance of getting the flag, why in the fuck would you not constantly cap the flag...

    Why do people think capping the flag is so bad?

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    SotA and AV.
    SotA for having to destroy the gates.

    AV- the current build of AV sucks balls. I don't want to rush to the General, just to stare at him, while waiting for a tank.

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    SotA and EotS, just because I got all the achievs in there

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    Stood in the Fire Loafy's Avatar
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    for me its SotA and IoC, mostly because if i play 10 bg's, atleast 6 will be one of those two, i just always seem to get them, so im bored of them now.

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    Dreadlord lordzed83's Avatar
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    SotA and Battle for Gilneas ALWAYS cos they suck ass.....
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    Twin Peaks and WSG because CTF isn't really suitable for PUG-BG's. In rated both of those are my absolute favourites. With TS and quality tactics CTF is GREAT fun (and has been since Quake CTF in 1995). Of course one can argue that the concept of PUG-ing bgs alltogether is bad but that would be too much complaining for today.

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    Eye of the Storm. I hate that place. The rest I don't really ahve a problem with.
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    High Overlord
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    SotA and IoC for me, AV can still provide some PvP if you go for defending your own towers instead of the usual rushing
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    Silvershard Mines and Temple of Kotmogu, i would mark down Strand too but sadly you can only mark 2.

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    Always IoC and AV, if I could blacklist a third it would definitely be Sota. Always dreaded vehicle combat and I never quite liked big battlegrounds like AV.

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    If I'm farming honor I'm taking out the 10mans - if I'm doing BGs for fun, I take out strand and isle.

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