View Poll Results: Which Battlegrounds have you blacklisted?

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  • Warsong Gulch

    27 11.49%
  • Arathi Basin

    11 4.68%
  • Alterac Valley

    91 38.72%
  • Eye of the Storm

    19 8.09%
  • Strand of the Ancients

    93 39.57%
  • Isle of Conquest

    139 59.15%
  • Battle for Gilneas

    21 8.94%
  • Twin Peaks

    21 8.94%
  • Silvershard Mines

    12 5.11%
  • Temple of Katmogu

    11 4.68%
  • None

    14 5.96%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Twin Peaks for sure. I absolutely despise this wanna-be Warsong.

    Also Temple of the Kotmugo. I gave it a fair chance, but it turned out to be really annoying and not much fun for me.

    I'm sorta surprised to see that not only me friend really dislikes Isle of Conquest but also the mayority of voters so far, as it's one of my most favorite bgs. ^^

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    SotA and IoC. I hate vehicles with a firey passion.

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    IOC is the bane of my existence.

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    SotA.. for me it just never felt like a real battleground

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    Most the time I don't even add a 2nd.
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    I don't really understand why so many people dislike Isle of Conquest & Strand of the Ancients for the sole reason of "it's PVE". How is destroying a wall any different to clicking a flag? Battlegrounds are about completing objectives, not random killfests.

    I feel that more battlegrounds should have siege weapons. They are battlegrounds afterall, not arenas.

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    SotA and AV until I get another 25 wins in IoC for the tabard, then it will be IoC and AV. Same reasons as above, PVP should not be a 40man raid with bosses.
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    Isle of Conquest! I do not PVP much but if I get that one i usually just leave and does somthing else.

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    IoC and TP atm, sometimes SotA instead of TP.

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    First and foremost I'll blacklist Strand of Ancients all day, any day. Lich King pvp failed so miserably with the introduction of vehichles to battlegrounds and SoTA is the worst. It was not only bad but made worse in whatever patch when vehichles became speed demons and it was about how many snares your team had. It allows no pvp because if you sleep one second on vehicles they will fly right thru. Now some can say that's the objective, I have no beef there but pvp should not be about killing vehicles. Wintergrasp and Isle are not great either.

    My second is Alterac Valley with Isle real close. Again both bot more to AV are nothing but PVE encounters. I play 99.9% alliance and its basically a zerg down to drek with no strategy. Most AV's a large majority basically head straight to drek and the literally stand just outside Drek's room staring at him for 10 minutes until its time to rush in. While this is happening towers are getting recapped and sometimes the RHGY gets ninjah capped because noboday watches it. I know Horde players gripe to about the disadvantage they have..again I see their point. Isle is basically AV with vehicles and as much in the paragraph above I complained about vehicles I prefer this Isle.

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    AV and Isle of Conquest. Wish I could whitelist only the two new ones though, love them! So intense and fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illiterate View Post
    The 40 mans, I don't pvp to pve
    ^ This. Nothing worse than queuing for a BG and getting a PVE BG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alturic View Post
    Why do people think capping the flag is so bad?
    It's not bad. It's the right way to play the map... in RBGS. In randoms it's a bad idea because you'll often see one Ele/Boomkin control mid and then all of a sudden be a flag cap down. In RBGs it's fine because you can't afford to risk trying to cap a third and spread yourself too thin to a point where the enemy dominate mid or double cap two bases in return.

    Also the fact that the vast majority of people in the /random queue are mindless drones that are programmed to run mid over... and over... and over. I often find that bots are more useful in EotS, purely because they tend to sit at bases for that minor honor gain increase which serves as a deterrent to any potential attacks.
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    IoC. I've lost 35/35 IoC's since MoP launch as Horde. When half my team is bots obviously no one is going to go kill glaives. And the ENTIRE Alliance team goes to D glaives too. It's just dumb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flaks View Post
    IoC. I've lost 35/35 IoC's since MoP launch as Horde. When half my team is bots obviously no one is going to go kill glaives. And the ENTIRE Alliance team goes to D glaives too. It's just dumb.
    Yeah right now Glaives are tuned for more higher health than what most can do. Eventually with better gear glaives will become real squishy again unless blizz buffs them, which I think they never have done before. I hate Isle but again choose it because at least its no brainer for alliance atm. We zerg glaives pew pew walls and basically its GG.

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    Ioc and Temple of Katmansomething
    Ioc is just meh, never seems to be any real pvping there (unless you are defending you hardly see any pvp at all). And with siege engines bugged its even more retarded.
    Temple I dont really like atall. Its just one big one shoot fest, its just scaled way way to high. Eventually the orbs gets to the point where you die in one auto attack/ and can kill in one attack.
    It just seems stupid to me, I would like it alot more if it worked just like a flat/passive berserk buff. Something like hold an orb you do 20% more dmg / take 20% more damage at all times (and it does not increase).

    Av I dont really have a problem with, ever since vanilla I have loved av. Most of the time however I dont play av to achieve the objectives, I play it to have fun (hunting ppl/ camping a gy/ explo trap @tower defence ect).
    When an Av goes wrong, into turtle mode thats the kind of thing I find perfect. Doesn't really matter if its defending or attacking/ losing or winning its just fun with those large scale battles.
    Sota I used to hate, now not so much. I find it is relatively easy to stay away from big gank groups in sota. You have to watch it tho or it can quickly turn into a 1vs10 scenario, but if you do pay attention you can avoid that from happening rather easily in sota.
    But again I do not try or want to achieve the objectives of sota, my objective coming into sota is to kill as many as possible while dying as little as possible.
    Completing the objectives of sota just comes second in line.
    Just to illustrate: My team are defending first, and broke through the last wall really really fast when we attacked; then I will always ask my team not to cap but to camp their gy before we cap.
    Not always people are willing, but most of the time they are up for it; idk 70% of the time maybe (just pulling that one out of my ass).

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    If i could, i would blacklist all of them and then QQ on forums about how i have no BGs to do

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