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    485 mage (3/6h MSV, 16/16n) LF 25m Heroic Progression guild

    Hello, my name is Sicknez (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...cknez/advanced), and my guild just recently broke up due to a few officers forming a 10 man. I am in no way interested in 10 man raiding and thus I would like to look for a new guild.

    I have been playing wow since vanilla, and have been playing mage since ToC. I took a break for a warrior in cataclysm, but I am back as a mage for MoP. I am 25 and have a level head, can focus on high dps while successfully executing mechanics, have perfect raid attendance, and always have flasks/pots/food on me.

    ATM I am fire, I dont have a problem raiding as another spec, although I dont know why you would want me to - save very specific circumstances (Add control on will etc).

    Here are some recent logs, I hope they have been made public by now >.>

    Hit me up if you are interested, I am ready to x-fer.

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    My guild is currently has an immediate need of a strong mage. We're a 6-year old guild that finished DS #136 US 25-man. We have a goal to be in the top 100 for MoP, we're currently #105 or so (wowprogress hasn't updated after our Elegon kill). I'd love to speak to you in-game.

    Guild: Edge of Aggression
    Server: Uldaman (PVE, EST, NYC)
    Raid Times: Mon-Thurs 9pm to 12am EST
    Progression: 4/6H, 6/6N, 4/4N 25-man
    Loot: EPGP

    Battle.Net: Runestones#1379

    I don't post enough to have links show up so you'll have to get creative to find our website (check WoW Progress).

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    I am the GM and raid leader of NPH FanClub, We are a 10/25 man progression raiding guild on Bleeding Hollow Alliance side EST PvP server. We would be interested in speaking with you about a spot in our core raiding group. We are currently the top 25 man alliance raiding guild on our server.

    Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 8pm-11:30pm EST with optional alt raids and gdkp raids on the offnights.

    We are currently recruiting exceptional raiders to fill key spots in our core group! We're looking for players who know their class and how to maximize their performance, and who are eager to push progression while still having fun. Currently working on our heroic push through content.

    We classify our guild as a hardcore raiding guild on a 3 day a week schedule. We were a prior top 100 guild who took a break from wow after 7 years of playing and are ready to regain our prior ranking.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    If you have any questions or want to check on your application with us:

    Real ID/battletag:

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    Progression Overall ( Heroics ) : 5/6 [MSV], 1/6 [HoF]
    Progression 25m ( Heroics ) 3/8 [MSV]

    We want skilled players with a good attitude that want to progress. We spend a decent amount of time each week raiding together, so having the personalities in our raid group mesh well together is important. You also need to be patient and able to take constructive criticism.

    We're looking for exceptional players to continue our progression in Pandaland! All applications will be considered, so feel free to app even if your spec isn't listed.

    Please fill out an application on our website at Slash Hug

    Any questions about the app period or process can be answered on our website or any available officer ingame or on our forums.

    Raid info:
    Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: 8-12pm EST
    Invites start at 7:45 to clear trash up. We have a 10 minute break at 10pm to minimize afks.

    ♥Healers (In general - Low):
    Resto Shaman - Low

    Tanks (In general - Low):
    Prot Warrior with dps off-spec
    Prot Paladin

    ( Current tank recruitment is open for HIGHLY Skilled block based tanks )

    Melee (In general - Medium):
    Rogue - Medium
    Death Knight - Medium

    Range (In general - Medium):

    Mage - High
    Warlock - Medium
    Elemental Shaman - Medium
    Hunter - High

    I'll update this list as needed.

    If you have any questions, feel free to make a lvl 1 on Mannoroth, add me to Real ID, or post here.
    RealID: [email protected], or [email protected] If I don't accept the invite, Real ID bugged. I have no idea why it does that sometimes. Please try a lowbie or the website if it happens.
    Battletag: Gohugurmama#1280, Zavri#1756
    Website: www.slashhug.com
    WorldofLogs: www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/221002/
    Who to whisper: Gohugurmama, Zavri, Oseg - Anyone in the guild can point you to us.

    Off Nights
    We're an active guild outside of main raids as well. We're alt-friendly and social with people on at just about any hour of the day. Old content for alts/transmog/ach is pretty common. Non-MoP things are usually unplanned and just thrown together throughout the week. None of this stuff is mandatory of course, but it's around if you enjoy that type of thing.

    Alt Runs
    - Current alt runs are Saturday and Sunday nights, normal raid hours. Right now it is a 10man alt run(s)

    We do RBGs on Saturdays for achs/mounts/etc. It's not a set group, we rotate it around.

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    Well add me
    Real ID

    4/6 H MV 6/6 HOF 4/4 TOE Elite Protector's Dead

    Raid times

    Sun-Wed 8pm-12am EST


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    Hello! How are you?
    My guild, Blasting Off Again, is currently in need of a Mage.
    I'll link you to our post: Click Here!

    <Blasting Off Again> Kil'Jaeden | Horde | 25M
    Raid Times: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs | 10PM-1AM PST
    All of our information is on that post and here is our website: www.blastingoffagain.net

    I hope to hear from you soon!
    Good luck!

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