Does anyone else ever go out of their way to reminisce in their earlier WoW years? I started playing the game seriously in Dec 07/Jan 08 and from that time through Ulduar and even some moments after brought me so much joy and fun times. As we all know, life goes on, things change for better or for worse. But as time goes by, I realize I will most likely never experience joyful moments like that again in WoW due to multiple factors. It's somewhat depressing, and even deters me from playing at times :/. But it also intrigues me as to how new WoW players experience the game. Is it really a cool, fun little journey questing to max level? Are they left with that epic feeling of entering a raid for the first time? Or "wowing" at a epic piece of gear and idolizing decked out characters in town that were in the server top guilds, that worked so hard for it while you were thinking to yourself "I wanna be just like that". I could be wrong, and new WoW players can experience future memories in different ways than most of us did who played during that time, but I can't help to feel that they're being cheated and will never truly experience what those of us did back then.

I'm interested in what your guys' fondest memories are of WoW? Which ones completely fill you with Nostalgia ?