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    Designing Guild/Clan/Group Websites!

    I am now looking for work designing YOUR guild/clan/group website. I will design you a fully functional website with your design choices for $10 for 1-3 pages, $20 for 4-6 pages, $30 for 7-14 pages, $40 15+ pages. (1 Page is assumed to be about 2500 pixels in height, height of 2 and a half 24" monitors)

    ==What This Includes:==
    *Full Control Of Website
    *Copy Of .html File
    *Ability To Modify Website Yourself
    *FREE UNLIMITED Updates!!
    *Up To 4 Hours A Day Of Work From Me

    ==What This Does NOT Include:==
    * Yearly Fee from Domain Hosting Company
    *Complete Credit For Website (:P)

    If interested please email me at [email protected] or PM me, I will explain how things will work further down the road from there.
    **Willing To Negotiate!**

    == Testimonials ==
    **Dagli V** - //World of Warcraft Guild Site// - "This guy is actually better then I thought, my guildies on WoW are impressed as well."
    **Soloman A** - //Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Clan Site// - "My COD black ops 2 clan can now keep in touch besides through xbox."
    **Jeff J **- //Halo 4 Team Site// - "My Halo 4 team is now so well known! Ive gotten at least 30 applications since I had this done a week ago. To those who see this, try this guy out!"

    Copies from SC2Mapster post at:

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    Sorry, but we don't allow advertising here. Good luck.
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