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    Fire mage needs help - low combustion ticks

    I am facing an issue of my combustion ticks being too low.
    This is my current gear: LINK-eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kilrogg/Magisize/advanced
    I am normally using Incanter's Ward in Feng 10 man Normal. I cast it at start, and follow it up with dotting with LB, then casting FB until I get HS. I check that my 2 trinkets and (if possible) Lightweave have procced. Once they do, I use back to back pyroblasts (using the POM/Alter Time combo - I use the macro from the excellent fire mage guide on the forums) while monitoring the estimated combusion tick size using combustion helper. The moment I get an estimated combustion tick> 20k, I use combustion. (We don't use TW at start, rather we keep it for P3). >20K combustions are very rare for me though; normally I have to trigger combustion at around 17-18K (unless the RNG gods are really happy with me for some reason).
    I am reading on the forums that people are getting >25K combustions easily on openers and generally much more. I am not really sure what I am doing wrong and would appreciate some help on this. Here are a couple of logs as well.
    Stone Guards:

    You can see on thelogs that the average combustion tick size is always around 16-19k which makes me think I must be doing something wrong (especially when reading on the forums here about people getting multiples of this number). Even when I use invocation and try on target dummy (albeit without raid buffs, I get 13-14k combustion ticks (as monitored on combustion helper) - this just seems low.

    PS Any extra advice on other spells based on my logs would be welcome of course!

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    I have read the more reliable combustions thread already and was trying to use the method you recommended for getting high combusts on opening i.e.:

    Best thing to start a combustion is:

    Wait for HU -> IB
    Cast FB for the next HU so that you have HU/HS together.
    Cast another FB an directly follow it up with the HS.
    Usually here the chance for a crit is very high due to HU is up an FB/HS hitting together.
    After that Crit do 2 (max.3) more Pyros and Combust.

    I usually combust BEFORE using the AT IF my first pyro crits and my Combustions at the Start are 60k-100k crits nearly everytime.


    1. Raise the Chance for Pyrocrit by having HU AND HS and by hitting with FB AND HS at the same time.

    2. After the first Pyrocrit do 2 (max.3) more and Combust. It doesnt matter if there are Instant Pyros left from PoM/AT.

    Unfortnately there doesn't seem to be any change. In fact this is very similar to what I was doing earlier in any case.

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    hmmm strange, for me it works constantly well.

    Btw. u shouldn't use Incanters Ward, use Evo. At pull, is there any raiddamge that could give u 30% from incanters? I dont think so. (Feng)

    Use Incanters at Garalon and Will Hc but i think in every other fights its weak. But if timed well should'nt be the reason for ur low Ignites.

    Additionaly, i dont care about my ignite value at combustion helper or simmilar addons, i only care about Pyrocrits. So if i use combustion, i just now i had some crits. Maybe try to ignore the value, maybe its a bit behind and u're waiting too long.
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