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    PvP gemming for DPS

    What's the best way to gem for PVP? I've seen and heard of a lot of different theories on this.

    I'm a warrior, so I'll use that for example.

    How does STR compare to PVP Power? I've been gemming +325 PVP Power in every single slot, regardless of color and set bonus. I know Pvp power slightly outperforms straight STR in terms of pvp damage output, but I'm giving up on a lot of set bonuses that reward resilience and strength. I've seen warriors take STR and PvP power in red and yellow slots, and pvp power in blues.

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    Eldacar has done the maths in his Resilience thread, and I believe he ended up with:

    *PvP Power being roughly 25% better than main stats point for point, and
    *PvP gems grant double the amount of points in gems than main stats do.
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    Gem for straight pvp power, unless you get tunneled and need more resil

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