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    Which DPS classes/specs scale the most with gear?

    What would you say are the top 3 or top 5 specs that have the most noticeable difference in DPS/power from fresh 90 to full epics?

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    I main a Boomy and its my only 90 atm but I found a huge jump in dps going from 450-463 rares to getting 489 epics and more, don't know how it will be once I'm fully decked out in elite/heroic gear but certainly there was a noticeable jump in daage from ilvl 460ish to ilvl 475ish (more than others in the guild at least)
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    Arcane Mages did that a lot until they changed mana scaling, not so much any more.
    I hear Warriors are still really weapon-dependant, though that's probably true of a lot of melee classes.

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