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    Heroic MSV or normal HoF?

    We just killed Garalon, which have been alittle roadblock, mostly duo to people needing to improve their dps, and our coordination being not as great as it should be.
    Luckily, it seemed that our last raid everyone had improved alot.

    I am now torn, on going Heroic MSV (Atleast Stone Guards+Feng), or Windlord first.

    And afterwards clear rest of HoF etc.

    I heard that Boss 1-3, + 5 in MSV on heroic is really easy and quite similar to normal. Spirit Kings being meh+rng, and Will being very combo depending.

    However, I don't know anything about how hard rest of HoF is, or Terrace.

    Our problem is we only raid 2 times a week, so I considered not going into terrace for a while, just to have less bosses to deal with - Any ideas? Using all raid hours on farming, will just get sad at a point

    So tips on progression path + if we should cut any bosses (After first kill, or such), so we can get some progress on some bosses.

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    i would clear HoF, 'cause after that the first three bosses in terrace are quite a joke and you would get many t14-pieces out of that. but it's hard to progress in 3 different raids with only 2 days of raiding. so whats your priority? killing hc's? then go MV, Stone Guards & Feng are really easy. if you want your players to have better gear, then you probably should aim for HoF and Terrace
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    The next bosses in HoF aren't all that difficult. Wind lord took us about as many attempts as Garalon (though 1/3 of those were some kind of stupid fuckup on the pull that we just reset, so the boss went down in only one night of attempts because we were able to pull really fast), and amber shaper is all about people learning how to control their constructs. It's a fairly complicated fight, but most of the stuff going on isn't all that dangerous; only teaching your entire raid team to control the constructs takes time.

    It sucks to have a guy who's never been in a construct before get shaped in p2, at which point he has to know what all 4 of the abilities do, and know when to use them, make sure to interrupt himself, make sure to interrupt the big construct's cast (but only the right one, not any of the several other ones), and make sure to keep their will high enough while doing so; a real trial by fire for the average raider, and it's gonna take a while for everyone to get comfortable doing this.

    It really is the only obstacle, though. Once you've got that down he drops fast and is easy farm. Haven't had time to do empress yet, but she looks pretty easy on normal. I read that after that the terrace bosses are easier than the last 3-4 in HoF, which is an upside.
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