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    Help for Garalon 10m Normal

    So, me and my guild are right now stuck on Garalon for a second week. We didn't have any problems on any of the previous bosses (we managed to down Elegon quite easy, have no problem with Vizier or Blade wall), but on this guy, we've hit a bloody brick wall. Today we managed to get him to 9-10%, but we died due to enrage (We were going 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 DPS, switching at 20-25 stacks.). We also tried to do it with 1 tank and 6 DPS, but something always got screwed up. (carriers dieing, off-tank DPS dieing to swipe). We have yet to try 2/2/6 setup, but we don't think it's optimal for this guy.

    To clarify, we are always focusing the legs when they come, even the melee. We pop BL at the beginning, I'm popping Stormlash and Elementals on CD, keeping searing totem up otherwise.

    The raid setup is the following

    Protection Warrior
    Blood/Frost DK (the guy who switches)
    Holy Paladin
    Holy Priest
    Resto Shaman (me)
    Combat Rogue
    Fury Warrior
    Fire Mage

    Thanks for the help, if you need me to link armory and such stuff, will do it .

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    Make sure everyone prepots and uses second pots (bit obvious but i sadly know a few people who "forget" to bring pots to raids..)
    A log would be neat so we can have a real look as for what happened. (if those arent private)
    Who are your carriers?

    How we are doing it is: keep melee on legs and let one leg alive for dotters to get their procs off. You wanna let the melee have legs as much as possible and ranged on boss.
    (legs die so fast on 10man, its almost a dps loss if the ranged steals it from melee)
    Save BL for 20% when you get a new leg spawned, burn that down and kill boss.

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    To clarify, we are always focusing the legs when they come, even the melee.
    The above poster is right. You have to make sure melee has priority on the legs as they will do cleave damage to the body at 100% damage boost.

    What helped us.
    Make sure your ranged isn't trying to get in the circles.
    We tried for an entire night to do the tank kiting thing. Abandon it. We did 3 ranged DPS and 1 healer kiting.
    We popped cooldowns for the transitions.
    I don't think we would have ever beat the enrage (this will be week 3 killing it) if we 2 tanked it. The swipers really don't take a lot of damage if they properly handle them with CDs and such. It certainly wasn't our healers complaint at least.
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    ok either this is a major coincidence or OP is my favorite little goblin shaman (diddnt know you where from scotland!)

    Same raid setup (im the combat rogue) same tactics and same situation.
    Hi, My name is Wikkr and im an Altoholic

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    Nope, I'm an orc shaman, Wikkr. The carriers are the tank and the DK, and 2 ranged DPS. We tried with 3 ranged and 1 healer kiting, we failed, but that's probably because we were new to the boss. We also tried with the rogue feint tanking, but that was still in the beginning and we probably failed for a different reason (we couldn't get the heal the rogue and the Fury Warrior, who is constantly evading and dodging the heals by being far away)The DPS is pulling about 70-110k each. We will probably try doing it in a different way tonight, so I'd like to be ready. Just for my information, how can I find and link logs to here? We are pre-potting (besides the healers). So from what I'm getting from you, try with the old tactics now that we have better understanding of the fight? Thanks.

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    Make sure the range focuses on the body, not the legs. The fury warrior and rogue should be able to cleave them down without problems, our rogue dishes out ridicoulus amounts of dps on that fight, and the fire mage can spread his dots from the body to the front legs, and the warlock can just multidot.
    My guild switches at 15 stacks of the pheromoens to make it easier with the overall healing. Make sure everyone is using personal cd's at every crush, for example, your mage should be using Ice barrier since it absorbs all the damage from the crush.
    The kiting starts out with one of the healers, then a tank, then me as a mage, then another range, and another range, and another range :3 We are using 5 kiters since we are switching on 15, but it works out great.

    I hope this helps.

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    The way we do it with 3 healers.. are having the 3 healers and 1 ranged dps kiting the boss (the healers start), while the one healer is kitting his priority is just healing him self, while the 2 other healers keep the raid alive. we have 2 tanks (Warrior in tank gear and DK in dps gear) infront of the boss, while the remaining melee keep the legs down and the ranged just nuke the boss.. we start the fight with bloodlust and prepotting.

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    We just beat it last week. 2 Healers 2 Tanks. Tanks kite it along with 2 Range. We beat the boss just in time of the enrage though.

    Our biggest problem is likely raid comp... as we have one melee, of whom is a WW Monk. No warriors or rogues for us!

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    2 tanks 2 healers. You can go 1 tank 1 soaker but we used 2 tanks 2 healers because of swipe dmg. Check us out on YouTube shiinjiwow

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    My guild tried 2/2/6 and it was a pain in the ass because of range issues. You have a holy paladin, your best bet is to do 1/3/6, that is how we downed it. Have the holy paladin soaking he should have the highest armor out of all the healers and his mastery should help him a lot. Have ranged focus the body only, the melee should be able to keep up with the legs with no issue.

    I know you may die due to damage, range, and execution, but it is something you'll have to practice to overcome it, we had the same exact issues. I have killed it so far as Ret and Holy, and played every roll possible like Soaking, Running Pheromones, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfragment View Post
    The above poster is right. You have to make sure melee has priority on the legs as they will do cleave damage to the body at 100% damage boost.
    This isn't true anymore for at least a week, it has been hotfixed so that the cleave damage only does normal damage on the body.

    This is probably why we see a lot of these threads these days, cleaving melee aren't as strong anymore on him giving the average guild (like mine) a way way harder fight.

    If you are 2 healing you should beat the enrage timer easily anyways or your dps are not performing as expected.

    If you are 3 healing make sure leg dps is mostly (not to say only) done by classes that can benefit fully from the +100% buff (read melee) and have them optimize their uptime on the legs.
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