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    [H] Super Soak (4/16H) - Twilight's Hammer

    Super Soak is a 10-man guild formed back in the early Dragon Soul - with focus on raiding, we do PvP too though, but the main focus is on PvE. We started late compared to other guilds on our realm back in Dragon Soul, but did a pretty decent job with the time and people we had back then.
    Alot has happend since then, we got a new GM, got some new - better and more competent raiders and we really looked forward to MoP - sadly enough we had problems with attendance from our first heroic week, and due to that we had to recruit a new tank - which unfortunatly left us 3 weeks after without warning.

    So currently we're in need of a tank for our raiding core group - there is still alot of the people which we completed DS with in the guild and in the core group, I would consider it as a well-working team of raiders atm, we just need YOU!
    We're not looking for any specific class of tanking but i'll set it up more handy;

    Recruitment status: (20/11-2012)

    Any tanking class

    Exceptional applications are always welcome, and will be read as they deserve.

    What we require from you;

    Attendance we like to see a 100% attendance or as close to 100% as possible, as we've seen how people react to people not desiring the same goals as the other raiders - we raid 4 times a week as it is right now, wedensday, sunday, monday and tuesday from 19.30 - 00.00 servertime. Attendance can vary during progress though.

    Knowledge of your own class, the encounters in specific and that you can handle some constructive criticism. We enjoy sitting on TS after raid and discuss a lot of things including class discussion and encounter discussions. We expect you to be top-notch about your class and always want to perform your best at any given point of the raid - everyone makes mistakes - not everyone makes the same mistake twice.

    Desire to progress with us and to expand your knowledge of the game and your own class - we expect any member of the guild to show up to the raid prepared with food, potions and flasks etc.

    Communication is the keyword in a progression guild - and we do require you to be able to speak up on TS and have a working microphone. And a decent set of skills within the language English which is the language we speak due to we're an international guild with alot of of different nationalities and religions - we do not accept any kind of racism in the guild, EVER.

    Personality is one of the most important things - and you will be "interviewed" before you will be granted your trial spot in the guild - for the best of both parts. We joke alot in raids, after raid and in guild chat - we dont want anyone to feel hurt etc. so stop, when someone says stop. With that in mind, we are a bunch of happy guys which needs to be kept in touch to not be too cocky

    Any applications will be handled over our website which is as following; ww.ssgaming.wowstead.com (I ain't allowed to post links - so remember an extra w in your adress line)

    Looking forward to hear from you!

    //Xirips - officer of Super Soak

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    BUMP bump bump

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    bump - still looking for a tank

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    bump - 7/16 heroic. Now looking for a tank and a shaman/mage for further progress!

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