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    Do you play with friends that suck? (League of Legends)

    Hey guys! I've started playing LoL with a couple of friends. Some of them are experienced gamers, either on mmos or other mobas. The thing is that along with them, there are 3 people that are in our company. 2 guys and a girl. The girl is only playing Ashe and even though she's not a top player, her k/d is almost 1.0. The problem is with the other two guys. They suck so badly that bring the group down. The end the game with at least 15 deaths and less than 5 kills. One of them did 4/21 with Blitzcrank the other day, I even made a video with that game footage.

    We are trying to help them by giving tips and talking on skype but there is almost zero improvement to their gameplay. I don't enjoy playing with them as they ruin my game but on the other hand they are good guys that I enjoy hanging out with them.

    Do you play with friends that suck? Or do you just ignore them? Share your story

    After a week of so after I created this thread:

    For the love of god, he was 0/18/4 and he won the game...

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    Depends, if I play a game with my friends who I know suck I go into the game with a "lets just have fun attitude" and we usually just chill in Skype and have a good time. that way if I lose it's w/e. but if I want to win I won't play with bad people.

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    I actually played with a friend who was relatively bad compared to me and a few my other friends after we played loads and he just never seemed to improve with us... That was until the end of Season 2 he started becoming quite a good top lane. I know your frustration, just give it time and don't play with them in ranked is what I would say, blind pick is all fun and games so no worries there.
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    I'd play normals, but never ranked. Part of the reason is I don't want my ELO to suffer, the other is I don't want them to get stomped by people above their ELO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axethor View Post
    I'd play normals, but never ranked. Part of the reason is I don't want my ELO to suffer, the other is I don't want them to get stomped by people above their ELO.
    I have a similar problem. A friend of mine that is good is lvl 30, (I'm not 30 yet) and when I group with him just the two of us we play quite good. When one of my "bad" friends joins the game we get stomped. We are losing the game before the 20th minute.
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    No, I tend to not play with players who are much worse than me because both they and I end up not enjoying it. I'm extremely critical which is a quality most laid back gamers do not appreciate. I'm the one in a group who finds out who went wrong, where and how and then tell them what happened if they don't know, which is great for finding ways to improve but not so great for people who don't care about improvement. Funny little vicious cycle of them disliking me for caring and me disliking them for not caring.
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    Friends that I sometimes play with dont suck, they just dont study the champs at all, dont use the "optimal" runes/masteries/itembuilds that would power up their gameplay even more.

    And a bit offtopic (and not meant to be rude in any way) but people on that video seriously need to learn to farm and few guides about itembuilds wouldnt hurt either
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    I pretty much exclusively play with my IRL best friend. While he doesn't suck, I'm better then he is, and he is always trying to keep up with me which causes him to over extend and die some. Luckily his kills are usually higher then his deaths.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Belajasx View Post
    And a bit offtopic (and not meant to be rude in any way) but people on that video seriously need to learn to farm and few guides about itembuilds wouldnt hurt either
    He had chosen a random champion and he got Blitzcrank. He always do that... It's funny to spectate his games, I can't say that is enjoyable to play with him
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    oh shit nvm didn't see it was about "LoL"

    I play dota 2 and most of my friends are kinda decent at it
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    I play with friends that are bad/new in normals, my GF I play vs AI because she panics and freezes under pressure and is generally bad at PvP stuff :P

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    ya I do sometimes. But not always.

    That was a really vague answer. It really comes down to how I am feeling on a given day.

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    Yes -_-

    One of my friends, first game, Teemo @ bot lane with me. 0/31/2. *facepalm*

    He only plays Naut or Maokai now. Ends up with equal-ish KDR. He overextends, comes up with some 'logical' reason every time he dies, or claims why something is OP.
    It drives me nuts.

    There are 4 of us that are good, One of my friends is Plat ranking, and the other 3 are gold, and then there is the other guy, our '5th'. He's terribad!
    But we still play normals with him when he plays. He can't play PvP games well at all.
    He stacks/spams the 'op' units in SC2, WC3, DoW. Terrible in WoW PvP.
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    Errr... I am that friend

    edit: watched the video, no where near that bad. I just superman after I play well and dive in to outnumbered fights . I truly feel sorry for the kayle he was with at bot.
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    Hahahahah i have friends who just go rambo as a squishy carry haha.

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    Also I watched the video and tbh every player in that game was fooking awful :P That was a mix of the worst builds and shit I have ever seen in a single LoL match.

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    I also have friends that arent as good as me. However I sometimes fail too.
    But I must say, they improved. It took some time and some frustration, but they became better.

    Also I think your mate can be better. He had some good actions. If you tell him what to do, and remove the stupid actions (and yes there are alot)
    As far as I can see, he doesnt understand LOL. He tanks minion dmg, he tower dives, he doesnt farm, and went 1v3. That are things you can easily improve, if you spent some time with him. Show him this vid. Tell him what he did wrong at that time. Also tell him what he did good.
    Tell him to play one champ. Learn that champ and then go another if he wants. It takes time to master a champ.

    And in that movie he wasnt even the worst player. I didnt see garen and teemo but their scores are bad too.

    Its your choice if you want to play with him. Its fun to play with mates, and if you spend some time with that blitz even he can improve.
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    I play with my girlfriend, but she doesn't suck. Can create some tension at times, but I think it's good for the long run. We're managing much better, and it helps to teach me how to communicate better and more, something I don't do. And for her I have managed to rage less, so I'm actually starting to ignore and not respond to trolls/flamers. I want to play with other friends if they'd stop transferring!
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    When you're playing with these friends just try and stick with the mentality that you're there to have fun, not to roflstomp your way to victory. Keep in mind if you have say 2/3 bad players in your 5 man queue group, this will probably be much the same as it is in normal solo queue too. Advice that is so often given around here which I couldn't agree with more is don't rely on anyone else in the game, even if it's one of your friends that is a good player, as everyone has bad games/makes mistakes.

    When you wanna win, just queue with the friends who are decent, you can always just say to the other people "sorry had to go for first win bonus" or something, or some quick IP to buy a champ you wanna use when you play with them.

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    I have a friend who got perma banned on 1 account, and had a few bans on his level 30 smurf account. He rages at everyone and whines about everything to an extent that I'm ashamed in his place. The worst part is, he's just bad himself. Makes an incredible amount of stupid decisions and just blames everyone (except me). For some reason, his girlfriend which just plays once in a while for fun, is about a billion times better then him. This guy even hosts some local LoL tournies on a very small scale while being absolutely clueless himself.

    I very rarely play with him, though when I do I know it's going to be shitloads of whining and probably losing the game. And his performance plays a major part in it.

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