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    Quote Originally Posted by Axethor View Post
    I'd play normals, but never ranked. Part of the reason is I don't want my ELO to suffer, the other is I don't want them to get stomped by people above their ELO.
    Basically this..until they improve.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalis View Post
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    I have friends who are decent at this game, and I enjoy playing with them. The only problem is when they want me to play ranked with them. I'm currently roaming 1700, and would like to break 1900 this season. Meanwhile I have friends roaming from 1200-1550 elo, max. 'But I'm only 150 elo away from yours, why cant we play??' :| Like I said, it's not like they're bad or anything .. It's just, some of their moves or way of thinking/reaction time could have been a lot better if they had played as many games as I have, which could've won the game. Which in the end isn't helping me towards my goal of a higher elo.

    Normal games, no problemo, I'm all in though.
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    It's more likely that I am the worst player of my league group. I don't particularly like PVP orientated games too much. League is one of the few I truly enjoy playing. So where my teammates have years of experience in other competitive PVP games, I am by contrast a noob. :<

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    I played with friends that suck. Then I made 2 tabs in my friends list:


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    I have a friend who recently started playing, althought he refused to make me or anyone a referal I still help him up to date. He is very bad and is new on top of that. However these days he is playing mid a lot with Ziggs and he is getting good with him. He doesn't play a lot but when he does he usually plays with me and 2 other classmates. So he usually plays with level 30 players, when he is 16 himself ( we started that when he was level 10 lol ) So when he plays versus people of his own level he literally destroys them. I really want to him to become a good player. He is smart. Good logic = good aim once you get used to a skillshot. He will be good with skillshots. I just know it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enzefik View Post
    Can't say I'm suprised you haven't played with me since that last game we played... like half a year ago.
    well, you're rarely on LoL. I don't see you on very often anyways.

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    Yup. It's incredibly awkward in that he thinks he's better than me, but he tries so hard, and he's been playing longer, that I just don't even try to tell him otherwise.
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    oh my god i still suck at lvl 30 lol. I bot game way way too much. Hell, i get nervous to go in normal game cuz i hate when ppl take blame at each other. Also, i hate feeders and trollers. I like solo queue alone instead friends.

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