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    PvP Power and World PvP

    This may be a silly question, but it's one that I cannot find a definitive answer to:

    Does PvP Power (Damage and/or Healing) work in World PvP? I'm aware of how it works in Arenas and BGs, but how does it fair in the open world? I've read it doesn't work at all, only the damage aspect of it works, but not the healing; and I've read that it works all together.

    Anyone mind confirming how this works for me?

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    PvP power definitely works for healing out in the world. I believe it's only disabled in PvE instances.

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    i dont see why it wouldnt work out in the world, especially if you are on a pvp server

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    I am positive about the fact it does indeed work in the outside world

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    yep pvp powers works in the world. but pvp healing doesn't work in pve instances/raids. but that is normal

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