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    [H] <Litany of Fury> Thaurissan 10M Recruiting for Heroic Progression!

    Guild Name: Litany of Fury
    Realm: Thaurissan (Oceanic PVP)
    Faction: Horde
    Website: http://litanyoffury.wowstead.com
    Ingame Contact: Melth, Diend, Niwi, Jacquetta or any raider in-game.

    1. This guild was formed way back in Classic WOW, Oct 2005 to be specific, on Maelstrom (US RPPVP) under the name Litany of Fury.
    2. In Jan 2009, we transferred to Nagrand to raid on an Oceanic Server. Guild name changed to Omnis Arcanum due to unavailability of the Litany of Fury name.
    3. In July 2010, we transferred to Thaurissan and faction changed to horde. FOR THE HORDE!
    4. Low profile, no drama. We come in, do our stuff and get off. The environment within the guild is healthy and matured as we practice a strict no-drama-policy.
    5. Stable leadership and raid team that has been around since the start of TBC (>2 years).
    6. The GM has been around / remained the same since day 1 of the guild's formation back in Oct 2005 (Classic WOW).
    7. Majority of the guild are working adults with successful careers/family outside WOW.

    1. Attitude - Maturity, Respect, Loyalty and Tolerance are important traits we look for, in short attitude > gear. Don't be a drama queen.
    2. Team player - Own up to mistakes and move on. Positive and constructive criticism. Do not have purple fever.
    3. Know your class and spec - Don't be an epic noob.
    4. Able to raid 3 out of 3 days - Yes RL emergencies can pop up, we understand.
    5. High situational awareness - Don't stand in the fire.
    6. Raid preparation - Read up strats, watch videos, have flasks, well feds, etc.
    7. Gear optimization – Be the best you can be and be proud of what you're wearing, so have the best enchants, gems, etc.


    Healers (Shaman, Monk, Druid)
    Range DPS

    We are also recruiting all exceptional raiders for Mist of Pandaria. Player matters more than the class.


    MSV: 6/6 Heroic

    HOF: 5/6 Heroic

    TES: 4/4

    Wed, Thur, Fri and Mondays. 11PM - 3AM AEST (9PM - 1AM Singapore time).

    When Australian Daylight Savings Time is in effect, raid times will be 12AM - 4AM server. Server time is GMT+10 (AEST).
    For USA raiders, its 9AM - 1PM Eastern Time. Please check the time difference before applying.

    Looting in raids are done via loot council.

    We are always looking for capable raiders to join our crew. Please come down to our forums and post your application if you think you are up to the challenge of a hardcore raiding guild.

    If you have any questions, feel free to add me on real id: [email protected]
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    7/16H! LF resto shaman or other exceptional healers to join our core team.

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    8/16H LFM exceptional raiders.

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    updated 9/16H downed

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    10/16H. LF healers and range dps to join our roster.

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    11/16H downed. LF exceptional range and healers!

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    LF exceptional core healers.

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